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The Four Gospels: An Introduction to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

• Who wrote the Gospels?
• What do Early Church Fathers and modern scholars say?
• What aspects of Jesus does each Gospel emphasize?

CP 229

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• Who wrote the Gospels?
• What do Early Church Fathers and modern scholars say?
• What aspects of Jesus does each Gospel emphasize?

  • 3 hours 39 min. (3 CDs / 3 DVDs / MP3 / MP4)
    [DVD1: 1 hr 20 min, DVD2: 1 hr 13 min, DVD3: 1 hr 16 min]

    If there’s any part of the Bible that Catholics are familiar with, it’s the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. According to Vatican II, “the fourfold Gospel” is nothing less than “the foundation of our faith” (Dei Verbum 19).

    However, in modern times, there is no part of the Bible that has been more attacked and subjected to criticism than the four Gospels. Who wrote the Gospels? Are they really anonymous? Do they tell us the truth about Jesus? Are they fact or fiction?

    In this foundational Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a guided tour of the Four Gospels. In Part 1 of the series, he answers historical questions about the origins of the Gospels, such as:

    • Who wrote the Gospels? Are they really anonymous?
    • When were the Gospels written?
    • What did the Church Fathers believe?
    • What do modern scholars believe? Why?

    In Part 2, Dr. Pitre then turns to the portraits of Jesus that each of the four Gospels gives us. He takes you through the distinctive picture given by each Evangelist:

    • The Messiah
    • The Rabbi
    • The New Moses

    • The Miracle Worker
    • The Exorcist
    • The Suffering Son of Man

    • The Son of Mary
    • The Savior
    • The New Adam

    • The Son of God
    • The New Temple
    • The Bridegroom

  • Yotpo


Customer Reviews

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Christopher Freeberg
An Intro to the Four Gospels

I apologize... I have not had the time to watch it.. I loaned it out to our RCIA Catechumen until our Sessions begin again January 3rd

Jack Rivetti

I expect it to be enlightening; shipped quickly and I have listened to several other selections before getting to this one and I have enjoyed each one!

Anthony Lopez
Not satisdied

I recall ordering, and paying for "the four gospels" and "reading the bible in one hour" I have yet to receive this order. Later I ordered "acts" but have yet to receive it. My phone #n is 909-234-6419. Can someone please contact me.

Hi Anthony. The Acts order shows it in San Bernandino, CA as of today, but the other order left New Orleans on Nov. 22 and has not been scanned since so I will send out a new order. I will email you the tracking info for both of these orders and verify your address to see if that is the problem or if USPS just dropped the ball.

Eleanor Meagher
The Four Gospels

I began listening to the Four Gospels last night after downloading the Introduction. I love to listen and to learn about more of my faith. God bless you and your mates.

Cory Smith
Thank you

Great videos thus far. I'm appreciative of the wisdom presented by Dr. Pitre. Thank you to Catholic Productions for making these videos available to us.

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How Old was St Joseph

Excellent short seminar behind the age of St Joseph. Well worth the purchase.

A lot of content, a LOT of help

Really love these lectures. Most of this content is not available elsewhere, which is surprising considering just how much is already on YouTube. It's awesome how deep this goes into the details of our faith

I ordered dvd I received a cd. Not happy

Hello! I just checked the order and you ordered a CD of the Faith of Abraham and the Spiritual Life. Email me so we can arrange to get you a DVD if that is what you intended.


A great listening experience!

We were giving an adult ed talk on St. Joseph and I found this talk and outline very helpful. I learned a lot and our participants did too! Thank you.

The origin of the Bible and Jesus and the end times.

Doing these as a bible time I need to order the videos instead of CD's