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The Resurrection of Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

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As with all the MP3 titles I have, these are of the same high quality and informative.

The Resurrection Fact or Fiction

The CD was amazing. Dr. Smith's vivid description of Roman crucifixion was genuine and descriptive. I usually listen to Dr. Pitrie and he is very powerful. Dr. Smith was just as powerful. I enjoy listening to both of them. I will continue purchasing audio and video productions from your company. Thank you so much and God bless! Oh by the way, I lent the CD to a non-catholic pastor friend of mine and he enjoyed it as well.


The Resurrection of Jesus: Fact or Fiction?

The Resurrection of Jesus

Sorry but I could not listen to that CD as it was just too gruesome! There was way too much about the gore and suffering for me to listen to it.


Love having the facts to go with the faith! Brian

  • 1 hour 11 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    The joy of the Gospel is the apostolic proclamation that “Jesus is risen!” (see Luke 24:24). As Dr. Steven Smith says, the Resurrection of Jesus is the “game changer.” Yet, today many people have lingering questions, even doubts about the truth of the New Testament claims. Couldn’t there be some other “more probable” explanation for these claims?

    • Perhaps the disciples “stole the body” and falsely proclaimed that Jesus was “raised from the dead?
    • Or – was it a “myth” that evolved over many years, when in truth nothing had happened to Jesus?
    • Was there a conspiracy? A hoax?

    Above all, does it really matter anyway? Can’t we act as “people of faith” and be good Christians … even if Jesus remained in the tomb?

    Not according to St. Paul, who writes: “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” (I Cor. 15:14)

    Join author, Scripture professor and popular speaker Dr. Steven Smith of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary as he leads us through the historical evidence in support of the bodily Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. In the process, you’ll learn about Roman crucifixion, and be able to counter five major skeptical hypotheses, each of which sees the entire event as a “fiction.” Get the facts!

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