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Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection

CP 308

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Customer Reviews

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Very powerful words are being said there

This mp3 can make a real difference in life. Four areas covered include tackling fear, false guild, unforgiveness and helplessness. I applied the prayer (in my own words) and I actually experienced immediate effects. I was afraid of an upcoming medical treatment, and, thanks to this humble mp3, the fear has disappeared. I am very impressed. Thank you Dr Healey, Catholic Productions team and Praise the Lord for His victory!

Nick MacFarlane
Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurection

This talk by Dr Mary Healey is wonderful. She really takes us into the heart of St Paul, the mystic and shows us something of the depth of his realization that the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything. What was most moving for me is that Dr Mary shows how we can tap into the power of the risen Jesus to overcome strongholds of fear, sin, shame and despair in our lives. I have been very blessed by listening to this talk. Indeed I have listened to it many times.
Deacon Nick MacFarlane

Ross Royden
A Great Audio

Thank you for the audio talk by Dr Healy. I am a big fan of Dr Healy. I hope you will make available more from her. Excellent service as always.

Victor Rodriguez

Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection

Aleksandra Blaszczyk

Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection

  • 49 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    We know St. Paul as one of the giants of the early Church—a great apostle, missionary, pastor, teacher and preacher of the faith. But Paul was not only an energetic worker in God’s vineyard; he was also a mystic and a master of the spiritual life. All his prodigious apostolic labors were motivated by one thing: knowing the love of Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection.

    In this talk, Dr. Mary Healy breaks open the letters of St. Paul to explain the heart beat of Paul’s spirituality, and shows how we can apply his insights to our own lives. In this presentation you will learn about:

    • What happened to Paul at his famous conversion on the road to Damascus
    • Why Paul’s spirituality is for us today
    • What it means to know the power of Christ’s resurrection
    • What other “powers” can dominate our lives and leave us feeling helpless, hopeless, anxious, burdened or condemned
    • How we can walk in the freedom, peace and joy of the children of God
    • Four simple steps to grow in knowledge of Jesus and of the power of his resurrection

    Through biblical insights and many practical examples, Dr. Healy shows how Paul’s letters are a source of wisdom and inspiration for our spiritual lives today.

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