Free US Shipping On Orders Over $99
Free US Shipping On Orders Over$99

Custom Screen Printing

Need custom printed shirts or shorts for your company? Need apparel printed for a fundraiser? How about something printed for an athletic team or as a promotional tool?

12 Color Automatic Screen Printing Press

 If you have a need for custom printed apparel, then let us know how we can help. While Catholic Productions prints its own line of t-shirts in-house (, CP primarily accommodates a wide range of requests for custom printing on apparel for just about any company, organization, club, team, race, youth group, etc.  We have clients both in and out of state and since we print with our own 12 color automatic a/c, servo press, we can print up to many thousands of garments per job with no problem.


While the process of placing an order can be simple, it may also require more information to get the job done right (e.g. artwork status, different types of ink applications, etc.). Having said that, typically, the main variables that determine price are:

(1) Type (shirt, hoodie, etc.) and color of garment
(2) Quantity of garments
(3) Number of ink colors per location

 Printed Shirt

Given that, the best route to see about printing your job with us is to simply contact us, and we can then work out the details to get your order completed in a timely manner. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to working with you to produce the quality job you are looking for. Contact us today at or at (504) 305-1938.


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Comprehensive Look at Spiritual Theology

Good series of lectures. Mature look at prayer that moves beyond petitionary prayer.

Parcel still on tour.

My order was actioned promptly, is all I can say, so far. I watch the tracker as my books enjoy a leisurely voyage across various US mail stops, then around Asia; last notified leaving Narita Airport 2 days ago. I look forward to tracking them to the next point, wherever that will be, please God, it will be Auckland, NZ. and at last, to my small town. Then I can review!

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Roots of the Church

I love it. Bergsma is a very astute historian yet had much devotion to the Lord. I am currently on lecture 3. So much to learn here...


Dr. Pitre is engaging in his presentations. I have learned so much over the years by reading his books and listening to his presentations like this one. Dr. Pitre, thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Never Received my order

Can’t give it a good review if I don’t receive it. Spent a lot of money on items I ordered 14 days ago, but still haven’t received them.

Hi Gary! I am showing that it was delivered on the 12th of January. If this is not correct please let me know. I am sorry for the delayed shipping. The USPS has been struggling to keep up lately.