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Download Music and Videos to iPhone and iPad

*** With iOS 13, Apple now allows direct downloads to their mobile devices from non-Apple sources using their native Safari browser.  Here is where files will be downloaded:  Where to find downloads on your iPad or iPhone

We used to recommend the below method.  It still works and so you can use this in lieu of the above if you so desire:


There is free app on the app store that will allow you to accomplish this task.

Here are the steps you can take to accomplish this (all screenshots are taken on an iPhone so the iPad may look a little different):

1. Download Documents by Readdle on the app store onto your iPhone or iPad.  They will advertise a paid subscription.  You can ignore this as the free version has everything you need.

2. Go to download page for the MP3 or MP4 (digital video) that was sent to you after purchase or via email and copy the url of that download page.

MP3 Example Page

MP4/Digital Video Example Page

3. Open the Documents app on your iPad/iPhone and click at the bottom right of the screen (highlighted by green circle in image below).

Click bottom right icon and paste copied url into address bar

After you copy url you will see the download page

4. Click Download Now and name the download and select where you want to download the file.

Input Name and click "Save to" to change folder

After clicking "Save to" pick folder

5. Click on the file to play it. If it is a zip file, then click on the zip file to extract it. Then click on the newly extracted folder to reveal your MP3 files.

Click on zip folder to extract

Click on extracted folder

Click on file to play it!

If you have any questions, email