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Hello There! My name is Michael, and I have been with Catholic Productions, LLC before it even went by that name (its beginning stages found my bedroom in my parents’ old house as its stomping ground).  

I grew up in Luling, LA, a small town southwest of New Orleans and can thank my parents for keeping me in line while living at home.  I have a BA in Theology with a minor in Philosophy from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans and worked for three years as a parish youth coordinator and music director.  I also taught for one year as a high school religion teacher, but found that as Catholic Productions grew, my time for other activities diminished.  Thus, Catholic Productions is now a full-time gig and much more. 
As of June 2007, I have the most beautiful and wonderful bride, and we have been blessed with two energetic sons!  It is a daily struggle trying to provide for my family with Catholic Productions as my only job, but God has never failed to provide us with our true needs, and is always offering me lessons in humility and leading me to a greater trust in Him.  I hope that that you enjoy our site and our work, and ask that you keep Catholic Productions in your prayers!