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Confession as Spiritual Warfare

• How necessary is confession to your spiritual life?
• In what ways can confession help in your spiritual battle?
• Where is the concept of confession found in scripture?

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• How necessary is confession to your spiritual life?
• In what ways can confession help in your spiritual battle?
• Where is the concept of confession found in scripture?

  • 1 hour (1 CD / MP3)

    You've probably heard people say that Catholic confession is a human rule, invented by the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. There is no reason to confess your sins to a mere man.

    That's what Dr. John Bergsma believed for most of his life. In this talk he describes how he came to a different point of view, through his experiences as a Protestant pastor in spiritual warfare.

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Confession as Spiritual Warfare

This product is a must for anyone who wishes to understand the liberating power of confession as a sacrament. Dr. Bergsma provides unique insights regarding what happens in one's spiritual life when sins are properly renounced.


Confession as Spiritual Warfare


Its been an eye opening experience. Lots of info its going to take 20 plus times listening to it to get all the information provided


Its a blessing that i hv been listing to some teachings to improve my faith.



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Here’s the deal. Husbands and wives are helpmates to heaven. This is a great presentation on how to do that. Matrimony is about a covenant based on sacrificial love. That would be a God based relationship.

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Do I recommend this product to others? Absolutely! Everyone can learn from it.