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Debunking the Da Vinci Code

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Customer Reviews

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Debunking the DaVinci Code was excellent. I saw the movie and it got me a little worried and then i saw this video available so i immidoatley bought it and i was surprised by the facts used to crush the lies being told. I wish anyone who actually believed it when they read the book can get a copy of this cd.


Absolutely loved Debunking the Da Vinci Code. Dr Brant Pitre explained everything beautifully. Thank you Catholic Productions for making your web store easy to maneuver in. God Bless

Excellent single CD on a very important topic

10 years after recording this talk is still very important. I still see people in blogs and social media regurgitating the falsehoods forwarded by Dan Brown in his book without necessarily referencing Brown or his book. After the book came out, we saw many other media outlets begin perpetuating the falsehoods. This CD dismantles them in quick order. Bravo.

Debunking the Da Vinci Code

My son in law is reading the book. He doesn't know anything about Catholicism. Will be able to let him know the truth. Thanks.

Answering my son in law

My son in law is reading the book. He doesn't know anything about Catholicism. Will be able to let him know the truth. Thanks.

  • 1 hour 19 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    A talk given at Breath of Life Ministries in September of 2004, Debunking the Da Vinci Code eloquently and authoritatively refutes many of the false claims made by Dan Brown in his national best seller, The Da Vinci Code: Was Jesus really married to Mary Magdalene? Did the Catholic Church really seek to cover up the secret of the Holy Grail? Why are so many taking the Da Vinci Code for historical truth? This talk will help you to answer these and other questions that may be asked of you by family or friends, so that you can explain and defend the truth about Jesus, the Bible, and the Catholic Church.

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★★★★★ Reviews

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I am listening to this while driving and sometimes deliberately take the slow lane which will keep me longer in the car. I just can’t get enough. Many thanks for making the lectures publicly available

Jesus the Bridegroom

Excellent. Great overview for the book we are using for our bible study.


Great talk on adoration, and our need to spend time with our Lord.

Essential preparation for Easter

I am so glad that Dr. Petri came out with these videos of his presentations. I have read a lot of his books and use them in my Catechism Class. Please don't miss this opportunity to feast on what has taken him years to accumulate. It would be such a waste of a soul.
If your not fond of reading, definitely get his videos for yourself, your family, or for bringing back uneducated Catholics who may have left the faith. Our faith is so rich it is like a finely woven Persian carpet that takes years to make before you see the pattern...Dr. Petri has done all the weaving for you, you just get to step back and admire the work and then revel in what he reveals to you.
We are using this video in a presentation for our Parish the week before Easter...thank you Dr. Pitre!!!

Absolutely Amazing!!

As I've come to expect from Dr. Pitre!! He can take a profound mystery, which is central to our faith, and take us through a step by step process, to help us understand and appreciate this on a whole new level!! I recommend this to every Catholic!!