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Eucharistic Theology


• What does the Bible teach about the Eucharist?
• How has Eucharistic teaching developed in history?
• How to deepen your appreciation for the Real Presence?

CP 124

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  • 22 hours 24 min. (22 CDs / MP3)

    In this college level course, you will find the complete Theology and Spirituality of the Eucharist taught by Dr. Brant Pitre at our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans. Firmly rooted in Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and Sacred Tradition, this priceless collection’s in-depth introduction to Eucharistic theology, worship, and spirituality, with a particular focus on Eucharistic Adoration will help you deepen your understanding of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament and foster devotion to the Holy Eucharist.

    In addition, Dr. Pitre will equip you to effectively share your knowledge and devotion through catechesis, evangelization, and practical strategies aimed at increasing understanding of the Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. If you have any questions about the mystery of the Most Blessed Sacrament, then you should not be without this fine teaching on the source and summit of the Catholic Faith.

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Customer Reviews

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Eucharistic Theology

I'm enjoying this course as much as it is fruitful for my soul: Thank you CP!


Brant explains things so well and I could be more happy to have listened hours upon hours to these! I’m on my 3 time listening to this set and still finding and catching things I didn’t get the first time around! Thanks Brant!


Because of this study, I can confidently and reverently exclaim, as the priest lifts the Eucharist: "My Lord and My God!'

Eucharistic Theology

I have never been disappointed with any of Dr. Pitre's CD sets. I own 14. My most recent purchase was Eucharistic Theology. I enjoy learning form Dr. Pitre's teaching style. He teaches with energy, tells a joke now and then....well, an little more than now and then (which I like) and thoroughly knows his material. He explains the subject matter in a way that everyone can understand, even when listening to a master's class. I will definitely be purchasing his newest CD in June, "Why I Believe".


Eucharistic Theology