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How to Get Through the Bible in an Hour!

• What is a "covenant"?
• Where are the major covenants found in the Bible?
• How do the covenants help us read through the Bible?

CP 251

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• What is a "covenant"?
• Where are the major covenants found in the Bible?
• How do the covenants help us read through the Bible?

  • 59 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    The Bible is such a big book, it's easy to get lost in the forest because of all the trees. You need a map that helps keep you on the main path from Genesis to Revelation.

    In this presentation, Dr. Bergsma shares with audiences the "mental map" of the Bible he wishes he had when he started reading the Scriptures at age twelve. Whether you've read through the Bible many times, or have never picked up the Good Book, you'll enjoy Dr. Bergsma's presentation, as he uses easy-to-draw stick figures to sketch out the main Bible story line.

    The message of the Bible has rarely been so easy to see! Best of all, you can use Dr. Bergsma's method to share the Bible message with others.

  • Yotpo

Customer Reviews

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Rita Caso
No MP3 download & listening problem with this title

So far so good in that this MP3 offering consists of only one audio file rather than a zipfile package of many files which are frustrating to manage during listening. Unfortunately, with this particular audio file, as with all Catholic Production audio files, one cannot interrupt listening and pick up at the same or nearly the same point. This presents physical management challenges. The excellent content of Catholic Production audio offerings are best listened to in one "take". For this reason, I frequently seek the titlles listed among Catholic Production's offerings among Audible titles. There I have found a number of Dr. Pitre's books and some of Dr. Bergsma's work. As Audible downloads, these works are far easier to download, listen to in segments, and easier to manage. (Of course, one must have an Audible subscription in order to enjoy those advantages)

Hour well spent

I have heard Dr Bergsma’s “Hour” several times and have passed it around. Bought this one for my niece.

It's only an hour....

Dr. Bergsma does a great job of breaking down covenant history through the Bible, culminating in the Covenant of covenants, the Eucharist. But, I can only give 4 stars simply for the fact the PowerPoint, as I seen it on YouTube, which made me want to buy it. should have been included with the excerpt. It makes it much more fun to follow along. It will be a great thing to show students preparing for Confirmation or RCIA.

Ben W.
The Bible in an Hour? Yes, it's possible.

Dr. Bergsma highlights the covenants and shines guiding light through the entire Scriptures. Let this short listen jump start your bible study plans. Great place to begin.

Junardi Sarmili
brilliant work

very easy to undestand and worth it!