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Introduction to the Bible: Inspiration, Inerrancy, Interpretation, and the Interior Life

• Can we trust the Bible? Are there errors?
• How do Catholics interpret the Bible?
• How do you pray with sacred scripture?

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• Can we trust the Bible? Are there errors?
• How do Catholics interpret the Bible?
• How do you pray with sacred scripture?

  • 22 hours 16 min. (20 CDs / MP3)

    Many Catholics want to study the Bible, but aren’t quite sure where to start. What do I need to know first? What does the Catholic Church teach about Scripture? What rules do I follow in order to interpret the Bible correctly? And how can I study in such a way that not only gives me knowledge, but deepens my spiritual life?

    In this full-length college course, Dr. Brant Pitre lays the foundations for a thoroughly Catholic approach to Sacred Scripture. In this course, you will learn about the following important topics:

    The Canon: What is the Bible? How did we get it? Who decided which books are included in Scripture and how does this help us interpret it correctly?

    Inspiration: Is the Bible “inspired” by God? If so, what exactly does this mean? How does inspiration make Scripture different from any other book?

    Inerrancy: Can we trust the Bible? Are there errors in Scripture? What is the Church’s official teaching on the truth of Scripture, and has it changed since Vatican II?

    Apparent Contradictions: Is there any way to reconcile the apparent contradictions in the Bible, like in Genesis 1 and 2 or regarding the Date of the Last Supper?

    Interpretation: How do Catholics interpret the Bible? What rules and methods does the Church follow? What about the historical-critical interpretation of Scripture? Why has Pope Benedict called it “indispensable”?

    The Lectionary: How do I make sense of the readings at Mass? How is the Lectionary put together, and what keys unlock the Liturgy’s interpretation of Scripture?

    The Four Senses: What are the “four senses” of Scripture, and how can they help me draw out the riches of God’s Word?

    Lectio Divina: Why did the monks call Scripture the “Ladder of Paradise,” and why is Scripture an essential part of the life of prayer?

    Using the papal encyclicals on Scripture, the teachings of Vatican II and the Catechism, the recent apostolic letter of Pope Benedict XVI and his own experience as a biblical scholar, Dr. Pitre will take you on an exciting tour of everything you ever wanted to know about the Bible and what the Catholic Church believes about Sacred Scripture.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Marc Guitard
Introduction to the Bible

Very informative and well presented! Thanks Brant!

Jack Rivetti

I am a huge fan of Brant Pitre. Any time I can listen to his insights is a huge win for me, and my recent purchases are no different!

John Amlag
Peter, and the three stages...

Loved the presentation on Peters spiritual conversion as presented by Dr Brant. Brilliant and illuminating. Thank you again. John B.

Awesome Defense of Scripture

Firstly, high quality instruction. You would pay $$$ to go to a seminary where this quality of teaching would be found; moreover, most lay people would never have that opportunity. So this is an amazing treasure to have access to, regardless of cost.

Secondly, about 30-40% of this course defends the integrity of Scripture. This, alone, is so key.

Thirdly, Dr. Pitre has such a clear love for this topic. That makes his lectures, especially on this topic, very engaging.


Fantastic Bible study about … well … the Bible. This study give a great introduction to the Catholic teaching on Holy Scripture. Dr. Pitre is a great teacher.