John: Signs and Sacraments


• Who wrote the Gospel of John?
• How sacramental is the Gospel of John?
• How does John present the life of Christ in his Gospel?

CP 148

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  • 17 hours 34 min. (17 CDs / MP3)

    The Gospel of John is arguably the greatest piece of human literature ever written, at any time, in any language.

    The Bible is the world’s constant best-seller. The Gospels are the heart of the Bible. John is the masterpiece of the Gospels. The Church Fathers likened Mark to a lion, Matthew to a man, Luke to an ox, but John was the eagle that soared above the rest.

    Unfortunately, the Gospel of John is also one of the world’s most misunderstood books, because many of its readers often have not been introduced to the mysteries the book describes. In this series of chapter by chapter, verse by verse lectures, Dr. Bergsma shows that John reveals its mysteries when read in light of the Church’s sacraments. John the Apostle wants us to know that the power revealed in Jesus’ mighty signs is still available for us in the Church’s sacraments.

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