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Free US Shipping On Orders Over$99
Back where it all started 3 years ago...and yep,

Back where it all started 3 years ago...and yep, we're re-filming all of Year C.
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What You Get 
(1) 52-week video Bible Study on the weekly Mass readings; (2) audio-only version; (3) transcript; (4) study guide. For more information, see the description below.

"Year C"? What is that anyway? 
The Catholic Church has a 3 year cycle of Mass readings that focuses on most of Matthew in one year ("Year A"), Mark in another ("Year B"), and Luke in the 3rd year ("Year C"). Then the cycle starts over again. This upcoming cycle (which always starts with Advent) is "Year C" on the Gospel of Luke.

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A Few of the 200+ Reviews

Verified Mary Marshall said: An absolute must

I have a lot of Brant Pitre's videos and love, love, love them all. So I purchased the fourth quarter to check out this series, and will definitely be purchasing the entire year. The explanations are absolutely eye opening and give me such a wonderful understanding that I never had before. My appreciation of the gospels has blossomed with these videos. Thank you so much Brant Pitre.

Verified Sharon Walls said: It's life-changing!

I always look forward to Brant's exploration of the mass readings. I listen to them as I get ready to go to mass, and I meditate on his teachings on my 30-minute drive to mass. Even though I've always read the readings before mass, his expertise in the Old Testament has opened my eyes to the beauty of the liturgy of the Word.

Verified Miles Walsh said: A priest's review of Mass Readings Explained

I recently subscribed to Dr. Pitre's weekly exegesis of the Sunday Mass Readings and have already been thoroughly enriched by it. This service is, in my opinion, exactly what we as priests and faithful need to prepare ourselves spiritually to truly digest the Word of God that will be given to us at the Eucharist of the coming Sunday. What a grace to listen to the Readings on Monday, be instructed in the Old Testament background of the Gospel, the Jewish rabbinical tradition, the testimony and interpretation of the early Church Fathers, the Church's magisterial teaching, and the personal insights of a leading Catholic Scripture scholar. Dr. Pitre makes the Scripture come alive, and his love for God's Word comes through loud and clear. He communicates profound insights into Scripture in a manner available to everyone, from the beginner to the accomplished student or scholar. I feel certain that The Mass Readings Explained will enrich my own preaching and therefore my parishioners' ability to hear and understand God's Word. Since subscribing myself, I have learned that many people I know were already benefitting from this wonderful opportunity to grow in knowledge of Scripture, and I plan to encourage others to do the same. As a priest ordained for 37 years, I am grateful to Dr. Pitre for making this method of instruction and study available and will pray that the Spirit of God inspire and direct this great work!

Fr. Miles Walsh, S.T.D.
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
Baton Rouge, LA

Sample Video


The Mass Readings Explained started with the desire to help people better prepare for Mass, as well as to help priests and deacons prepare homilies. We will provide the following with your one year subscription for Year C:

1. 52 Week Video Bible Study with Dr. Pitre focusing on the Gospel of Luke and next year's Sunday Mass Readings (Year C): Every liturgical year begins in Advent (typically late November), and this upcoming year will be cycle "C" where the Church primarily goes through the Gospel of Luke in the Sunday Mass Readings. This subscription gives you an in-depth Bible study on the Gospel readings, connecting them with the Old Testament background and Psalms.

2. Written Transcript of Dr. Pitre’s Bible Study: For those who prefer to read (rather than view/listen only), a written transcript of the entire Bible study will be provided for reading and reflection.

3. Weekly 1-2 Page Study Guide with Questions for Reflection/Discussion: Ideal for prayer groups and group/parish Bible study, as well as personal reflection.

4. Guaranteed Monday Morning Postings: Videos will be available on monday mornings for group study, homily preparation, or personal preparation for Sunday Mass.

5. A Great Resource for Priests, Deacons, Teachers, Bible Study Leaders, and Personal Growth.

6. A Great Gift for your parish priests or deacons, family members, and friends.  In order to give this as a gift, watch the video here:


1. How will I access the content?: We will send an email to all subscribers on Monday after the video is released. You can also access it by going to the top menu bar of our website and choosing Mass Readings Explained, then Videos and then Year C.  To see a video tutorial go here.

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Mass Readings Explained Year C

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Mass Readings Explained

This has enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the weekly Sunday readings. I recommend this to all of my friends.

★★★★★ Reviews

Letting Customers Speak for Us

3326 reviews
Story Teller

Father Scott has a great way of relating the Gospel to every day life. He is so easy to listen to

The Woman at the Well

Presented it to our bible study group that is doing Brant Pietre's book on "Jesus the Bridegroom". Incredible story that just kept unfolding the depth of Christs love and mission of salvation.
Thank you Mr. Pietre for your insight and sharing with us.

A copy to lend

This covers (& covers well) something that ALL Catholics should be taught, but generally are not. I had purchased the .mp3 some time ago, but I wanted to have a copy to lend out to others, it is so good. Thanks for recording this, Gary!

Improve worship

This lecture series magnifies and deepens my worship. It biblically explains why we do what we do and why. The Mass comes alive for me now.

Service Excellence.

It was easy to order and all the items ordered were dispatched and delivered promptly as always.

Thank you. Chandramohan.