Sin and Salvation: A Bible Study on Romans


• If the Gospels are the good news, what is the bad news?
• Do faith and works both play a part in our salvation?
• What does the Bible teach us about homosexuality?

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  • 6 hours 27 min. (5 CDs / MP3)

    In modern times, many people seem to have lost both their sorrow for sin and the joy of salvation. Nobody "sins" anymore; we only make "mistakes." And many Christians lack enthusiasm for the "good news" of the Gospel. Why is this? Why is the modern world so apathetic toward the message that once swept across the Roman Empire like a tidal wave and converted the known world? In this Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre will answer this by exploring the foundations of the Gospel - sin and salvation - in the theological masterpiece of the New Testament: the letter to the Romans. By studying St. Paul's letter to the Romans from beginning to end, this Bible study will cover many key issues, such as:

    • How the world cannot understand the "good news" of the Gospel without first understanding the "bad news" about Sin and Death
    • What the Bible and the Church teaches about homosexuality
    • The striking parallels between the dying Roman Empire and the modern world
    • Whether we are saved by "faith alone" - as Martin Luther taught - or by faith and "works"
    • What the Bible teaches about Original Sin, and how the sin of Adam affected not only all of us, but the entire universe
    •Why Christians still struggle with sin even after being saved from it
    •The mystery of Predestination and how it relates to Free Will
    •What will happen to the Jewish people before the Second Coming of the Messiah

    In addition to these topics, Dr. Pitre will constantly make connections between the amazing theology of St. Paul and everyday realities of life.


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