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Spiritual Theology: Christian Prayer and the Three Stages of the Spiritual Life

• What are the different kinds of prayer?
• How does one develop in the life of prayer?
• How do we grow in virtue and conquer vice?

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• What are the different kinds of prayer?
• How does one develop in the life of prayer?
• How do we grow in virtue and conquer vice?

  • 21 hours 3 min. (17 CDs / MP3)

    Almost everyone has heard about Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body.” But what about a Theology of theSoul? In this exciting new series, Dr. Brant Pitre turns his attention to what Jesus himself called “the one thing necessary” (Luke 10:42)—the life of prayer. Many Christians want to live the spiritual life, but they’re not sure just how to do it. In these lectures, Dr. Pitre draws on the riches of the Bible, the writings of mystics, and the insights of theologians to shed light on the mystery of the spiritual life. In this course, you will learn about such topics as:

    What is Prayer? The Catechism lists three kinds: (1) Vocal Prayer, (2) Meditation, and (3) Contemplation. But what is the difference between them? And how does on practice them? Dr. Pitre will take you step-by-step through the beautiful section on Prayer in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    Difficulties in Prayer: Ever feel like you want to pray, but you don’t know how? What do you do when prayer is dry? In addition to giving you a theology of prayer, this series is filled with all kinds of practical tips—straight from the saints themselves—on how to overcome obstacles in the “battle” of prayer.

    The Secret of the Rosary: All Catholics are familiar with the Rosary, but some find it boring. Others wonder if it breaks Jesus command against “heaping up empty phrases” (Matthew 6:7). Learn here just how amazingly biblical the Rosary really is, as well as the secret to praying it well.

    The Bible and Lectio Divina: Everyone knows how to read the Bible, but do we know how to pray it? Find out the four basic steps for praying Scripture, and how meditation on Scripture can breathe life into your prayer.

    The Dark Night of the Soul: St. John of the Cross described two “dark nights” of the soul. What are they? And who goes through them? Learn just what they are, and how not to fall away when they take place.

    The Three Stages of the Spiritual Life: Catholic theology teaches about three stages in the spiritual life: (1) the Purgative Way, (2) the Illuminative Way, and (3) the Unitive Way. But what are these stages? When do they take place? How does someone move from one to another? How do the Seven Deadly Sins keep us from making progress? And where am I in my spiritual life? Over half this course is devoted to walking you, step by step, through the three stages, and showing you how they are mysteriously revealed in the Tabernacle of Moses and the life of Saint Peter.

    In short, Dr. Pitre’s Spiritual Theology is a must-own for anyone interested in deepening their life of prayer and answering Christ’s universal call to holiness.


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Love the content. Needs better formatting of the mp3 file.

The content is of course really good. And is worth getting.

However, I must mention that there is a problem with the format the media files are in. I mention this because I have bought a number of their products. And would like to teach CP how to properly name media files to make it easier for their customers to use on different devices. I am tired of having to edit all of the file names and metadata in them in order to use them on my devices. Maybe others feel the same? Perhaps, CP does not actually use their own material. Otherwise they would realize that the mp3 files do not always play in order or display properly on different devices unless you use names that sort the files by numbers at the start of the name, not the end, and use one number digit more than is being used. For instance 10 media files would need to be named 001-xxxx to 010-xxxx. Because the first digit is what is used to determine the order the files will be sorted and played. For instance 10-xxxx will play before 05-xxxx, which would be the wrong order. This is why you have to use the extra digit so that 005-xxxx plays before 010-xxxx. Also, the metadata title must be named using the same format with the number up front so that people on phones that do not have large screens can see which media file they are on so they can maintain order. If the start of the file name is all the same on each file then you will not be able to tell which file you are using on a long filename such as these because it will be cut off on smaller screens. This happens on my phone until I edited all the names. Hopefully, these changes can be made in the future. Thanks.


It was just what I was looking for - most pleased with this lecture.

Spiritual Theology and Christian Prayer

I had the opportunity to attend this course as an undergraduate when Dr, Pitre taught it at Holy Cross College. As a newly ordained priest I wanted to revisit this course so that I could help my spiritual directees grow in holiness, Dr, Pitre’s teaching style is very succinct and clear. This course is a must have for anyone who wants to grow in the spiritual life. Thank you Dr. Pitre for sharing your beautiful gift of teaching with the Church!


Spiritual Theology: Christian Prayer and the Three Stages of the Spiritual Life

Worth purchasing for anyone interested in the spiritual aspect of our faith.

It took me awhile to get through this set. For the most part i listened to the CD's on my way to and back home from work. As a convert the interior life wasn't something discussed when i was a protestant. This talk is more of an overview. It's not a course to guide and direct you to become St Teresa of Avila but it will get your feet wet with several different approaches to the interior life. This set introduced me to several spiritual writers that i now read frequently. Highly recommend.

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A little misleading

Since I know Mary Healy from the Charismatic Renewal I really thought it might be a talk on speaking/praying in tongues. But the talk was great. Helps you to remember that what we say impacts our life.

The Jewish Roots of the Liturgy of the Hours

Knowing Christ and the Power of His Resurrection

Knowing Christ

Excellent, inspiring teaching. One to listen to again and again. Very well presented and sound clear.

Awesome response!

I mistakenly ordered a series that I’d previously ordered last year. CP immediately issued a refund. Thanks for excellent service and resources!