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The Biblical Roots of the Mass: A Scriptural Explanation of the New Roman Missal

• Why did the Church change some words in the Mass?
• Where do the words of the Mass come from?
• What's the spiritual meaning of each part of the Mass?

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• Why did the Church change some words in the Mass?
• Where do the words of the Mass come from?
• What's the spiritual meaning of each part of the Mass?

  • 1 hour 41 min. (2 CDs / 1 DVD / MP3)

    Have you ever wondered why Catholics say what they say and do what they do at Mass? Where do the words and actions of the Mass come from? Have you ever felt like you were just “going through the motions,” but not really understanding the deeper meaning of the Mass? Have you heard about the new English translation of the Mass that Pope Benedict approved for use beginning in 2011?

    In this informative and inspiring new presentation, Dr. Brant Pitre explains the words in the Mass that Catholics know so well by looking at their biblical roots. After a brief study of the history of the Mass in English and why Pope Benedict XVI has issued a new English translation, you will learn about the biblical basis of the following parts of the Mass:

    • The Opening Greeting (“And with your spirit”)
    • The Penitential Rite (“My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault”)
    • The Kyrie Eleison (“Lord, Have Mercy”)
    • The Gloria (“Glory to God in the Highest”)
    • The Sanctus (“Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts”)
    • The Communion Rite (“Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof”)
    • The Final Blessing (“Peace be with you”)

    As Dr. Pitre will show, the words and actions in these parts of the Mass are taken directly from some of the most famous stories in the Bible: the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, the Two Blind Men on the way to Jericho, the Angels at the Birth of Christ, Isaiah in the Heavenly Temple, Jesus and the Centurion’s servant, and the healing of the Woman with a Hemorrhage. Even more important, when you go back and study where the words of the Mass come from in the Bible, in every case you will discover something amazing: In each of these familiar stories from Scripture lies a hidden key to the deeper spiritual meaning of each and every part of the Mass.

    Responding to Pope Benedict’s call for a more biblical approach to explaining the Mass, this new Bible study is perfect gift for cradle Catholics, new Catholics, RCIA classes, Bible study groups or anyone wanting to gain a deeper appreciation for the mysteries hidden in the heavenly treasure that we call the Mass.

    *Note from Catholic Productions*
    While there is overlap between this series and A Biblical Explanation of the Mass, there is significant dissimilarity both in content and in focus. Nevertheless, we wanted our patrons aware that there will be some overlap between this and the aforementioned set.

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Fantastic teaching!
Simply Awesome!
up dating info on the New Roman Missal
A Bibilical Roots of the Mass -....
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Loved it

I learn so much from Dr Pitre in general. I own a few of his books & have listened to his talks on YouTube & I appreciate the way he teaches. I decided to purchase this study (in addition to another one for Advent, with Mary)seeing as we're approaching Advent 2021 & I'm so glad I did. It didn't disappoint. I'm back on here purchasing 4 more! I appreciate his style & method of explaining things.

Nothing Dead here. Interesting and insightful here.

I thought the CD was great. It offered me much to think about and ponder about our Lord while he was on this earth.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Advent

Brilliant, challenging, comprehensive, uplifting!

Case for Jesus

This was the first book I bought and read of Dr. Pitre’s. I found it really accessible. It was easy to follow and well written. This introduction to Dr. Pitre and his skill at communicating his knowledge in a way that is easy to follow has led me to continue to study with more of his works.

Jesus and the End Times

With all the events happening in the world today, I enjoyed and received peace of mind hearing the Catholic view of the end times.