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The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Roots of the Church

• What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?
• What's the relationship between the scrolls & the Essenes?
• How do the Dead Sea Scrolls' relate to Catholicism?

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• What are the Dead Sea Scrolls?
• What's the relationship between the scrolls & the Essenes?
• How do the Dead Sea Scrolls' relate to Catholicism?

  • 20 hours 26 min. (18 CDs / MP3)

    The Dead Sea Scrolls have been called the greatest archeological find of the twentieth century. Yet, controversy and confusion continue to swirl around these ancient writings. Did the Vatican suppress their publication? Do they mention Jesus? Are New Testament texts found among them? Do they undermine the Christian faith? Dr. Bergsma answers these questions, and many others in this lecture series on the Scrolls such as:

    • When were the Scrolls written, and by whom?
    • Were the Scrolls written by Jewish monks of the "Essene" order?
    • Was John the Baptist a member of the Scrolls community?
    • What light do the Scrolls shed on Jesus and the Last Supper?
    • Why are the Scrolls important for understanding St. Paul and Romans?
    • What relationship is there between the 12 Tribes of Israel and the Qumran Community of the Scrolls?

    Dr. Bergsma demonstrates how the Dead Sea Scrolls enable us to understand the Biblical and Jewish background of the Catholic faith like never before!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
JP Rizzitelli
Dead Sea Scrolls

So far so good! LOTS of great info.

Jeffrey Wood
Worth every minute

I have now listened to Dr Bergsma's CD series on the Dead Sea Scrolls several times, and I get more out of it each time I listen. It has been a wonderful journey of faith into world of Jewish beliefs in the time of Jesus. I have recommended it to many others in my parish. There are more than 18 hours of audio, and it is worth every minute of your time.

margaret stewart
The Dead Sea Scholls and the Jewish Roots of the Church

Enjoying listening to it and all the great info it gives.

Victor Havel
The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Roots of the Church

I am blown away. I never realized just how much the Essenes were a preparation for the Messianic community.The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish roots of the church are clearer now.

Emmanuel H
Dead Sea Scroll 1947

This study by Prof. John Bergsma not only confirmed the Catholic Church as the one true Church established by Christ, but also highlighted Her as THE fulfillment of the Jewish promises and expectations. Thus, Catholicism is closer to the religion of ancient Israel than modern day Judaism is. Thank you again Prof. Bergsma for your ministry.

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Wives Do What?!
Michael Arnold
Wives do what

Pitre never disappoints. His knowledge is unsurpassed by anyone

Insightful Course.

Good insights that challenged my view of life after death in Catholic teaching.

Dr. Pitre’s Best Book Yet

The content was clear, organized and so well done! You can read it all in one sitting from cover to cover OR in sections! I am so grateful for Dr. Pitre. A must read!

Brant Pitre for the win

I needed background on the development of the canon of Scripture as part of a lecture. Honestly, Brant Pitre is my current theology crush. With so much knowledge to share and a great sense of humor, he wins the day again for me.

Enthusiastically viewed

I bought this to show after Wednesday’s Mass in our parish hall to a group of about 15 seniors. We did one dvd a week, I printed out the sections of the outline for that disc for each attendee. I have a permanent audience now and have purchased several more that have been eagerly received. We are learning so much of the ancient origins of our faith that until this point were mostly in the shadows. Dr Pitri validates our long held beliefs with his biblical background of the role St Jiseph played in the lives of Jesus and Mary.