The Eucharist: I Am Here for You, Where Heaven Waits to Meet Us As We Really Are


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    4 CDs 

    The Eucharist – I Am Here for You – Where Heaven Waits to Meet Us As We Really Are is a parish mission made up of the four following talks given by Fr. Philip Scott of Family of Jesus the Healer:

    1) You Have an Important Meeting
    2) Jesus Always Wants to Go Deeper
    3) God is REALITY and FOR REAL!
    4) The Lord MUST Stay at Your Home!

    Family of Jesus the Healer is a family of priests, brothers and sisters dedicated to Christ and His Church, bound by private vows of obedience, chastity, poverty and martyrdom, praying to be healed and formed into a family by the Divine Family (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in order to live out in a prophetic manner our baptismal calling to follow Jesus Christ and to be his instruments of healing for families, including not only the individual domestic family, but also the broader family of the Church and of society.

    They were founded by Father Philip Scott in 1998 under the auspices of Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St. Petersburg in Tampa, Florida.

    They have been missionaries in Chaclacayo, Peru, since January 10, 2003 in the Diocese of Chosica under Bishop Norberto Strottman.

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