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The Genesis of Jesus: Matthew 1-2


• Why does Matthew start his Gospel with a genealogy?
• Is the genealogy just a list or a defense of Jesus' identity?
• What do we know about people listed in the genealogy?

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  • 1 hour 14 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    Do you ever get bored with the genealogies in the Bible?

    Do you ever wonder why we have to bother reading them in Mass?

    After this talk by Dr. Bergsma, you'll never sleep through the genealogy of Jesus again! St. Matthew has packed this list of ancestors with insights, apologetics, and even humor that most readers miss.

    Continuing into the infancy narratives of Matthew 1-2, Dr. Bergsma reveals how Jesus draws together and fulfills three great promises of the Old Testament: the Seed of the Woman, the Seed of Abraham, and the Seed of David.

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I am very happy with the services I received from Catholic Productions. I look forward to using these materials in the lessons I do for RCIA,


The Genesis of Jesus: Matthew 1-2

The Genesis if Jesus: Matthew 1-2 CD

It was an eye opener! Jim and I listened to it while on the road and I would like to listen again when I'm at home with no distractions. We really found it informative.

The Genesis of Jesus: Mathew 1-2CD

It was very clear and simply and easy to understand. I was able to keep up in my Bible with the scripture reference, which I prefer to do

The Genesis of Jesus

It amazes me how I continue to learn and embrace my Catholic Faith. This is a great CD. This is my 2nd (same) CD I purchased. My daughter was speaking to a friend of hers who had questions about Our Catholic Faith and I bought a set for her to give to her friend. I know he will appreciate this. By the way the first set I purchased when Dr. Bersgma came to San Antonio, Texas.