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The Mystery of Christ in the Church: A Study in Ephesians

CP 245

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  • 6 hours 40 min. (7 CDs)

    John Paul the Great Catholic University and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology hosted the 12th Annual West Coast Biblical Studies Conference, drawing over 900 participants to deepen their knowledge of Sacred Scripture. The conference took place at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church in San Diego, featuring Dr. Brant Pitre, as well as JPCatholic’s own faculty Dr. Michael Barber and Prof. John Kincaid.

    The theme this year was “The Mystery of Christ in the Church: A Study in Ephesians” and the talks took participants on a chapter-by-chapter journey through St. Paul’s letter:

    The Mystery of Christ in Ephesians: An Overview
    Michael Barber

    What Must I Do to Be Saved: Faith, Works, and Eternal Life
    Brant Pitre

    The Power of Christ Within Us: The Church as Temple in Ephesians Three
    Michael Barber

    Being Clothed with Christ: Ephesians Four and the Life of Righteousness
    John Kincaid

    Wives Do What?!: Ephesians Five and St. Paul’s Life-Changing Vision of the Christian Family
    Brant Pitre

    Be Strong in the Lord: The Armor of God and Spiritual Warfare
    John Kincaid

    Q & A
    Michael Barber, John Kincaid, and Brant Pitre
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jane Dulay
Very Informative.

With all the good speakers combined together, it was great. Thumbs up.

Nick Russell

This collection of talks has been very beneficial. Thank you for putting this together.

Charles P.

We are in the third disk, thus far it has been great. Question, is there a handout for the 5th & 6th disk? Please advise, Charles Phillips. 228-424-8771.or e-mail

David Weiss
An Awesome Conference

We were at the West Coast Biblical Studies Conference where this was recorded. We bought the CDs so that we could go back through each of the presentations. The speakers were on fire with the Holy Spirit. I strongly recommend that you download the outlines, this is very helpful to be able to follow along.