The Power of a Priest


• How do the words of an ordained priest change reality?
• What does scripture reveal about the powers of a priest?
• In what way do priests mirror Jesus through their actions?

CP 244

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  • 1 hr 47 min (2 CDs / MP3)

    Changing the World with Words

    God's words have power, but do the words of men? God spoke and the world came to be. He creates man in his image and likeness. What happens when men speak on behalf of God? In this talk, Dr. Bergsma examines the power of the Word of God to create reality, and the authority of priests, as divine image bearers, to create reality through the words of God in the sacraments. Priests act as sons of God to change reality for God's people.

    Making Disciples in the Image of Christ

    Jesus had a mission to convert the world. How did he go about it? Massive gatherings in stadiums? Literature distributions? Speaking tours? We know he did none of these things, but instead focused on raising up a small group of disciples to perpetuate his ministry. In this talk, Dr. Bergsma describes Jesus' own methods of evangelism and "church growth," and the need for priests and other leaders to imitate the Master in their own ministries.

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