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The Temptations of Jesus & the Fall of Adam

• What light does Christ shed the meaning of manhood?
• What link is there between Adam's & Jesus' temptations?
• What are the Biblical roots of Lent?

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• What light does Christ shed the meaning of manhood?
• What link is there between Adam's & Jesus' temptations?
• What are the Biblical roots of Lent?

  • 2 hours 20 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    In these two eye opening talks that were given at a men’s conference, Dr. Pitre expands on his popular study of the Bridegroom Messiah and goes into even greater depth regarding themystery of God’s love for mankind. In particular, he focuses on the questions: “What does it mean to be a Man?” and “How does Christ reveal to us the perfect model of Manhood?”

    In answering these questions, Dr. Pitre uses the Old and New Testaments to show how Jesus was not just the Messiah, but the New Adam, the Perfect Man, who came into the world toredeem it from Original Sin and the Fall. Along the way, he focuses on such fascinating topics as:

    • How does the Crucuifixion show us what it really means to be a husband?
    • What was Man like in his original state before the Fall?
    • What were the Three Temptations that led to the fall of Adam and Eve?
    • What specific effects did the Fall have on human nature?
    • What is the “Threefold Lust” and how does it affect us now?
    • How did the Three Temptations of Christ undo the effects of the Fall?
    • How is Jesus the New Adam?
    • What are the Biblical roots of Lent?
    • What kind of Man is Jesus calling me to be?

    By looking at the perfect Man, Jesus the New Adam, these talks are sure to deepen any man’s love for Christ and his desire to be the man of God that Christ is calling him to be.


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The Temptations of Jesus & the Fall of Adam


Beyond words the impact of this audio
The Bible is the best selling book of all time
And the least read
Not because people dont want to read it
Its because it is so difficult to understand
Its like walking in to the middle of s movie
Brant cracks the Bibke wide open
For all to see and understand
Like i told my protestant- missionary brother-- "i have sat under many Bibke teachers- Brant has a phd - its a study mit a personal story telling

My protstant misdionary brother now listens to Catholic Productions

I have wsited a long time to hear the Truth
Thanks to branr and everyone at Catholic Production s. Amen


The Temptations of Jesus & the Fall of Adam

Great Information

Great information as always to have. I really enjoyed these important topics.

The Temptations of Jesus & the Fall of Adam

A very insightful and helpful reflection in time for Holy Week.

★★★★★ Reviews

Letting Customers Speak for Us

3381 reviews
Spiritual class

This is literally Dr. Pitre’s spiritual theology class and is a great way to learn about spiritual theology. I like the fact that you can get to experience a college level class and learning on this subject. I learned much and have grown in my knowledge and insight. Thank you for sharing the knowledge of a college course with us to help us grow in faith and knowledge. Worth the money.

Marriage, the Family, and Spiritual Warfare in Scripture

A true catholic essential in understanding the church.

I just sat through 3-4 hours , slowing down , looping and making 10 pages worth of notes with my transcriber software.
Thank you Catholic Productions and Dr Brad for this mind blowing product. I'm truly blessed to have chosen this as my first purchase.
The recording quality is superb with little distortion even at slower speeds , Dr Brad's passion , diversity of knowledge and ability to bridge the content to subtopics and return seamlessly is unmatched.
Not only is this product great on a theological level but also spiritually nourishing and will make every listener appreciate the eucharist and sacraments more. Nay sayers and skeptics of the crucifix and the real presence of Jesus in the eucharist , apostolic succession will be in for a big surprise.

Jesus and the woman at the well

Dr. Pitre presented a whole new vision of this very important story in John's Gospel.

Cleaning my kitchen . . .

Ever since discovering Dr. Pitre's videos, I've turned off the news on TV, and turn on one of Dr. Pitre's videos while I clean my kitchen. The last time my kitchen received a deep cleaning (today!), I turned on Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Papacy. I've watched/listened to this video many times. My respect for the papacy has grown through Dr. Pitre's lecture. Why have I never heard what he's teaching? I wish I had an answer. Thank you, Dr. Pitre, for teaching us now! And thank you for your excitement. It's contagious.