The Temptations of Jesus & the Fall of Adam


• What light does Christ shed the meaning of manhood?
• What link is there between Adam's & Jesus' temptations?
• What are the Biblical roots of Lent?

CP 127

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  • 2 hours 20 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    In these two eye opening talks that were given at a men’s conference, Dr. Pitre expands on his popular study of the Bridegroom Messiah and goes into even greater depth regarding themystery of God’s love for mankind. In particular, he focuses on the questions: “What does it mean to be a Man?” and “How does Christ reveal to us the perfect model of Manhood?”

    In answering these questions, Dr. Pitre uses the Old and New Testaments to show how Jesus was not just the Messiah, but the New Adam, the Perfect Man, who came into the world toredeem it from Original Sin and the Fall. Along the way, he focuses on such fascinating topics as:

    • How does the Crucuifixion show us what it really means to be a husband?
    • What was Man like in his original state before the Fall?
    • What were the Three Temptations that led to the fall of Adam and Eve?
    • What specific effects did the Fall have on human nature?
    • What is the “Threefold Lust” and how does it affect us now?
    • How did the Three Temptations of Christ undo the effects of the Fall?
    • How is Jesus the New Adam?
    • What are the Biblical roots of Lent?
    • What kind of Man is Jesus calling me to be?

    By looking at the perfect Man, Jesus the New Adam, these talks are sure to deepen any man’s love for Christ and his desire to be the man of God that Christ is calling him to be.


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