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Why We Worship

• Who determines how we worship?
• Why did God demand animal sacrifice in the Old Test.?
• What are the biblical roots of the Mass?

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    Christians today have lots of different opinions about what "worship" should look like. Some think it should be all preaching, others think it should be 'entertaining', still others think it's all about the music. But what does the Bible say about worship? And why do Catholics do what they do at Mass? Why all the standing, sitting, kneeling, and repetition? Where does it all come from?

    In this important series, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a scriptural tour of topics such as:

    The Shape of Worship: Who determines how we worship? God or us? 
    The Meaning of Sacrifice: Why did God demand animal sacrifice in the Old Testament? What was the meaning of blood sacrifice? Does it play any role in Christian worship today? 
    The Tabernacle of Moses:  What did worship look like in the Old Testament? How does it parallel the Mass today?
    The Book of Revelation:  What does worship look like in Heaven? How does Revelation reveal the Mass?
    The Jewish Passover: What was Passover worship like at the time of Jesus? Why was it so important, and how does it parallel Catholic worship today?
    The Last Supper and the Death of Christ: Why did Jesus choose to die during the Passover? How did his death fulfill the Jewish sacrifices in the Temple?
    The Biblical Roots of the Mass: How does the Bible unlock the mysteries behind the words and actions in the Mass?

    Many Catholics know what to do at Mass, but not why we do it. And many non-Catholics are confused by the rituals and words of the Mass. Some even think that most of the Mass is just 'made up'--a tradition of men. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you've ever wondered about whether or not the Mass is biblical, then look no further: Why We Worship is the perfect resource for parishes, RCIA programs, Bible studies--for anyone who wants to understand the Bible really says about the mystery and meaning of worship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Wonderful Course!

When i first received this course i had a job where i could spend my entire shift listening to music, podcasts or talks like this on my phone. I listened to this set probably 5-6 times in a row to get as much as i could from it. And i still go back to listen to bits and pieces. This may be one of Dr Pitre's best courses to date. Of all the talks Dr Pitre has here i would put this in the top 5.

My eyes have been opened

I got the CD set so I could listen while driving. I’m no fan of driving but found myself taking the long way home because I couldn’t get enough of learning the reasons for what I have been remarkably “uncurious” about in the Mass and in my faith. My appetite has been whetted and I can hardly wait to listen to the next series. I also feel much more confident in explaining & defending Catholicism to non-Catholics (and lets be honest- also to Catholics). Excellent content plus Dr Pitre is such an engaging speaker. Fortunate seminarians who have him for formation!


Great product

A must view for Every Mass attender

We are told that the Mass is a sacrifice but none of us has ever been to a sacrifice.
In the 1 century offering sacrifices was common to pagans and Judaism.
So trying to understand this concept of sacrifice is not common to my everyday experience.
Brants treatment of the topic is profound.
If we want to radically reduce the drop out of regular Mass attendance then this series needs to be watched in every parish in the English speaking world.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Brants Books they are exceptional but this topic has far more implications.
It will help every lay Catholic to understand and participate in the Mass in a way they have never done before

Why we worship

Great series of lessons, clear explanations of why as Catholics we worship as we do. We are pLanning on using the series as a summer scripture study at our parish