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Why We Worship

• Who determines how we worship?
• Why did God demand animal sacrifice in the Old Test.?
• What are the biblical roots of the Mass?

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• Who determines how we worship?
• Why did God demand animal sacrifice in the Old Test.?
• What are the biblical roots of the Mass?

  • 4 hours 42 min. (6 CDs / 6 DVDs / MP3 / MP4)
    [DVD1: 48 min, DVD2: 46 min, DVD3: 41 min, DVD4: 49, DVD5: 44 min, DVD6: 51 min]

    Christians today have lots of different opinions about what "worship" should look like. Some think it should be all preaching, others think it should be 'entertaining', still others think it's all about the music. But what does the Bible say about worship? And why do Catholics do what they do at Mass? Why all the standing, sitting, kneeling, and repetition? Where does it all come from?

    In this important series, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a scriptural tour of topics such as:

    The Shape of Worship: Who determines how we worship? God or us? 
    The Meaning of Sacrifice: Why did God demand animal sacrifice in the Old Testament? What was the meaning of blood sacrifice? Does it play any role in Christian worship today? 
    The Tabernacle of Moses:  What did worship look like in the Old Testament? How does it parallel the Mass today?
    The Book of Revelation:  What does worship look like in Heaven? How does Revelation reveal the Mass?
    The Jewish Passover: What was Passover worship like at the time of Jesus? Why was it so important, and how does it parallel Catholic worship today?
    The Last Supper and the Death of Christ: Why did Jesus choose to die during the Passover? How did his death fulfill the Jewish sacrifices in the Temple?
    The Biblical Roots of the Mass: How does the Bible unlock the mysteries behind the words and actions in the Mass?

    Many Catholics know what to do at Mass, but not why we do it. And many non-Catholics are confused by the rituals and words of the Mass. Some even think that most of the Mass is just 'made up'--a tradition of men. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you've ever wondered about whether or not the Mass is biblical, then look no further: Why We Worship is the perfect resource for parishes, RCIA programs, Bible studies--for anyone who wants to understand the Bible really says about the mystery and meaning of worship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Susanne Ingegno
DVD - Why We Worship

W0W - I thought I knew most everything about the Holy Mass......that is until I listened to Dr. Pitre's DVD set. I nearly fell off the chair multiples times while listening. I was so impressed, I shared his DVD's in a small group setting with our Catholic group. It became our Bible study for 6 weeks. We were all amazed. I now share the information with my 6th grade religious education class. I especially appreciate how Dr. Pitre ties everything we do at the Holy Mass with the Bible (OT and NT). Some of my friends ordered their own sets. I am about to order yet another set for my family. Thank you Dr. Pitre. May God continue to bless you !

Teresa B
Great as always!

I believe Catholics are leaving the church with not knowing why we do what we do. This is another great DVD series to help catechize our parish.

Great explanation.

This talk gave me a new motivation to live my faith and try to worship my God with my whole being.

Donna Priester
Why We Worship

I am in the process of listening to the CDs. I am entranced, learning more and more about the history of our faith and how we came to do what we do. It has meaning and it has brought new life to the worship that I participate in throughout the Catholic Church!

Jim Bunting
Ties a lot of ideas together

When we study our faith, we often gather a ton of great information, but we sometimes don’t always see the degree and extent to which all these ideas are interlinked. Dr. Pitre does a great job of tying together all of the information provided to show how we we worship, why we worship and where we get our worship from. This should be required in every RCIA class. Fantastic job!