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Wisdom for the Whole World: A Tour through the Books of Solomon

• How do the Wisdom Books relate to the rest of the O.T.?
• What insight do these books of the Bible offer to daily life?
• What is the origin, structure, and content of each book?

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• How do the Wisdom Books relate to the rest of the O.T.?
• What insight do these books of the Bible offer to daily life?
• What is the origin, structure, and content of each book?

  • 9 hours 8 min. (9 CDs / MP3)

    Everyone knows the Israelites in the Old Testament were supposed to follow the Law (Hebrew torah) of God given by Moses as their way of salvation. But what were the Gentiles supposed to do? Just suffer? Surprisingly, the Old Testament has an entire collection of teaching (Heb. torah, also) for Gentiles as well as Israelites: it's called the Wisdom Literature.

    These books teach God's way to live for anyone, living anywhere: Switzerland, Sweden, Swaziland or Svalbard. With his unique blend of passion and playfulness, Dr. Bergsma teaches his way through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Job, Wisdom and Sirach, showing why these books are as meaningful as ever for Catholics today.

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Wisdom literature: endlessly fascinating

The Wisdom Books can seem like a "break" in the middle of Salvation History but, as Dr. Bergsma brilliantly shows, it's much more than that. Beautiful and profound, this study will help you no matter your level of biblical knowledge.

Wisdom for the whole world.

I received my CD set in a very timely manner as I always do when I order from you all. I haven’t finished all the cd’s yet. I listen to them on my way home from work and I’m enjoying them very much.
Thank you for all the work you do at Catholic Productions!! 😀

Great lectures

I love the content. I purchased the mp3 version, which does not have the track markers as the CD version does. So I find it extremely hard to navigate. I wish it had also the reading list for the course so you can supplement the lectures.

Hi Elisa. Thank you for the feedback. We chose against having the tracks since that many files would consume the music library on a device. It is also usually pretty easy to scroll to the desired location on a phone or tablet when listening to MP3s. If I can ever help with anything just let me know.


Can't review yet

I have not received any of the mp3s that I ordered yet.

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ALL of Dr. Pitre's videos and studies are will not go wrong by ordering any of them! Wonderful lessons!

Wonderful Presentation on Mary from Old Testament Themes

This presentation makes a persuasive case that Mary is fulfilling many themes from the Old Testament. Dr. Pitre, also, highlights that Mary is closely linked to Jesus as it relates to Catholic doctrine. Mary is honored, whereas Jesus is worshiped.

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Would love to rate this set, BUT we haven't received our set yet.

Hi Ruth! The tracking shows it departed Memphis yesterday after taking 15 days to get from New Orleans to Memphis. The USPS is experiencing delays due to having more packages than they can process

Excellent study!

This is a great addition to help one prepare for the season of advent!