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The Dead Sea Scrolls and Baptism: Symbol or Sacrament?

by John Bergsma October 09, 2020 0 Comments

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In The Dead Sea Scrolls and Baptism - Symbol or Sacrament, Dr. John Bergsma looks at the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible and discusses Baptism.  Is it merely a symbol, or is it a sacrament that actually does something?  Is it something we do to show our faith, or is it something God does to us?  Various Christian traditions have differing views of Baptism, but what do the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible show us regarding the true nature of Baptism?

John Bergsma
John Bergsma


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The Guardian

It was great. I’m waiting for his book on the “Jewish Roots of St. Joseph”

I always enjoy the MP3’s I buy from Catholic Productions.

The Hidden King, The Jewish Routes of St Joseph

Well presented and extremely informative. Great insight into the true meaning of passages based on the traditions of the writers which explains their intent.

Brant does not disappoint!

Great resource!

I never knew so much about St. Joseph. Only Dr. Pitre can go so in-depth with so much passion, and bring out the best information, and present it in the most understandable way.