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The Dead Sea Scrolls and Baptism: Symbol or Sacrament?

by John Bergsma October 09, 2020 0 Comments

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In The Dead Sea Scrolls and Baptism - Symbol or Sacrament, Dr. John Bergsma looks at the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible and discusses Baptism.  Is it merely a symbol, or is it a sacrament that actually does something?  Is it something we do to show our faith, or is it something God does to us?  Various Christian traditions have differing views of Baptism, but what do the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible show us regarding the true nature of Baptism?

John Bergsma
John Bergsma


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How Old was St Joseph

Excellent short seminar behind the age of St Joseph. Well worth the purchase.

A lot of content, a LOT of help

Really love these lectures. Most of this content is not available elsewhere, which is surprising considering just how much is already on YouTube. It's awesome how deep this goes into the details of our faith

I ordered dvd I received a cd. Not happy

Hello! I just checked the order and you ordered a CD of the Faith of Abraham and the Spiritual Life. Email me so we can arrange to get you a DVD if that is what you intended.


A great listening experience!

We were giving an adult ed talk on St. Joseph and I found this talk and outline very helpful. I learned a lot and our participants did too! Thank you.

The origin of the Bible and Jesus and the end times.

Doing these as a bible time I need to order the videos instead of CD's