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The First Sunday of Advent, Year C

The Second Coming of Jesus: Be Prepared! 


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Although the secular year begins with January 1st, every year the liturgical year starts with the First Sunday of Advent, a four week long season that prepares us to celebrate the Feast of Christmas. And so we’re beginning that new liturgical year today with the Gospel of Luke which is read throughout Year C. So over the course of these four weeks in Advent we’re going to be reading through the Gospel of Luke, we’ll be starting a new cycle of gospel readings, but we’ll also be preparing ourselves to celebrate the Feast of Christmas. Now if you're like me, the season of Advent is both one of the busiest seasons of the liturgical year but it's also one of my favorites, because it's filled with parties and all kinds of joyful celebrations of family gatherings where we are getting together and anticipating the coming of Christ at Christmas. So you might be a little surprised when you think of Christmas lights and those kind of things to read the gospel for this Sunday which doesn't have anything to do with any of that, but which, rather is about the tribulation, the second coming, and the final judgment...


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