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A Biblical Explanation of the Mass

• Why do we do what we do at Mass? 
• How is Scripture the key to unlock the parts of the Mass?
• What should be going on interiorly during Mass?

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• Why do we do what we do at Mass? 
• How is Scripture the key to unlock the parts of the Mass?
• What should be going on interiorly during Mass?

  • 1 hour 18 min. (1 CD / 1 DVD / MP3)

    Have you ever wondered why we do what we do at Mass? Why do we rise when the Priest enters the sanctuary? Why make the Sign of the Cross at the beginning and end? Why do we sometimes sit, sometimes stand, and sometimes kneel? And what is the meaning of the various prayers and responses that fill up our weekly hour of worship?

    In this Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre takes you on a biblical tour of the Mass, using Sacred Scripture and ancient Jewish tradition to show you the biblical roots of the various parts of the Catholic Mass. Along the way, you’ll learn such things as:

    • How Mass tells us that we are entering into the “Tabernacle” of Moses in order to meet God
    • Where the “Sign of the Cross” can be found in the Old Testament
    • Why the two blind men cried out, “Lord, Have Mercy” (Kyrie Eleison) and what should be going on inside of us when we cry out with them
    • Where the “Glory to God in the highest” (the Gloria) comes from in the Bible, and why we sing it during some seasons (Ordinary Time), but not during others (Advent)
    • Why we stand for the Gospel reading, and where the practice of biblical homilies can be found in Scripture
    • Where the “Holy, Holy, Holy” (the Sanctus) comes from in the Bible
    • And much more…

    According to Pope Benedict XVI, in order for Christians to actively and fruitfully participate in the Mass, they must understand “the meaning of the signs contained in the rites” (Sacrament of Charity, 64). In this revealing presentation, Dr. Brant Pitre heeds Pope Benedict’s call by explaining the biblical meanings of the Mass’s most significant moments, so that you can enter more fully into this most sacred of Mysteries.

    *Note from Catholic Productions*

    While there is overlap between this series and The Biblical Roots of the Mass: A Scriptural Explanation of the New Roman Missal, there is significant dissimilarity both in content and in focus. Nevertheless, we wanted our patrons aware that there will be some overlap between this and the aforementioned set.


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Customer Reviews

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Biblical Explanation of the Mass

I studied this CD on Thusday/Friday before Mass on Saurday. It was a rel test run - I accidently left my Missal in the car! I was busy before Mass with the sacristan duties. As I settled into the pew I breathed a silent prayer turning it all over to God! As I listened to each liturgical word/phrase/sentence Brant Pitre's voice was resonating in my ears! It made for a whole new take on praying and understanding the Mass.

Keep Learning

The Biblical explanation of the Mass CD, is a way to deepen my understanding of my faith. I love how scripture is linked to our highest form of worship. I keep on learning....

A Biblical Explanation of the Mass

Well packaged material and quickly shipped....even to Canada.
Excellent quality videos loaded with lots of new information

A Biblical Explanation of the Mass

Enlightening, informative, interesting. Explained on a layman’s level, but not oversimplified to the point where it would be uninteresting. Continue to give the faithful the faith, pure and simple, and they (we) will be naturally attracted to it. I enjoy talks, such as this, that are not “dumbed-down” to the point of nothingness. Keep up the great work. I will pray for you and your apostolate.

Great Introduction to Mass Practices

A lot of the information in this work is fairly common to most of us Catholics. However, it also has information I wasn't aware of in tradition. It can a useful tool to explaining to other Catholics and non-Catholics what we do. I really enjoyed it and listened to it twice.