Marriage, the Family, and Spiritual Warfare in Scripture


• How does Satan attack families according to scripture?
• How do families combat the attacks of the enemy?
• How important is spousal prayer to a marriage?

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  • 1 hour 1 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    In this riveting lecture, Dr. Brant Pitre sheds light on an often-overlooked aspect of marriage and family life: the spiritual attack on the family that has been going on since the beginning of human history. According to the book of Genesis, Satan has always attempted to destroy the family by sowing seeds of selfishness, distrust, accusation, anger, and even violence. In this remarkable and unique presentation, you will learn about:

    • Satan’s attack on the family in the book of Genesis
    • The Fall of Adam and Eve and its effects on their family and our families<
    • Why the Devil is called “the Accuser” (Rev 12:10) and the destructive power of blame
    • Tobias and Sarah in the book of Tobit as a New Adam and New Eve, and how they save their marriage by responding to spiritual attack differently than Adam and Eve
    • Spousal Prayer and the spiritual well-being of the family
    • The Family as a “Domestic Church” in the writings of Saint Paul
    • The Christian Family and Spiritual Warfare in Ephesians 5-6

    Hundreds, if not thousands, of books have been written on marriage and family life, but most do not ever mention spiritual warfare, much less how to deal with the reality of the spiritual attack on the family. In this important lecture, you will learn practical measures that any family can take so that the Christian family in the modern world might truly be a “Domestic Church” and contribute to the sanctification of the world and human society.


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Marriage, the Family, and Spiritual Warfare in Scripture

Marriage, the Family, and Spiritual Warfare in Scripture

I liked a lot, full of very interesting insights

Protect Your Family

As always, Dr Pitre's brief CD clarifies scripture about spiritual warfare. Until now I hadn't realized how the evil one specifically targets the family,
signs to watch for, and how the sacraments and prayers protect us. As one who focuses on the positive value of prayer, Scripture, God's grace & blessings in the sacraments this was invaluable. Thank you, Dr Pitre

Review of Marriage, the Family, and Spiritual Warfare in Scripture

Good information but nothing new for me. I listen repeatedly to some talks, but this is not one I will listen too again. Good to pass on to someone in marital crisis.

I’m learning a lot with your lectures. Thank you.

Thank you for your videos. I’m learning a lot by listening and by reading books by Dr. Pitre, Scott Hahn, Michael Barber, Tim Gray, Fr. Donald Calloway, Jesse Romero, etc... I used to be in the Army and had a lot of time in my hands when training or while deployed, why didn’t I read this awesome material back then??? I wish I hadn’t wasted my time during those years, but God works in mysterious ways and knows when to call us. Thank you for all your lectures. Now, the hard part, to put into practice everything I’ve learned. That’s what I’m struggling with, so please pray for me, so that I grow more and more in charity towards my brothers and sisters. God bless you.