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The Song of Solomon Explained


• How has this book of the Bible been interpreted?
• Is this book simply a poem about human love?
• Why does it end with the bride awaiting the bridegroom?

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    Have you ever tried to read the Song of Solomon? For many readers, it can be one of the most confusing books in the entire Bible. What is the meaning of the seemingly erotic images used in this book? How did a love poem make it into the Bible? What does it mean to say the Song of Songs is inspired Scripture?

    In this Bible Study, Dr. Brant Pitre explains the true meaning of the Song of Solomon by going back to its Hebrew roots and showing that in its original context, the Song was nothing less than a poem about the divine love story between God and his people. In this study, you will learn about:

    • How saints, doctors, and scholars interpret this mysterious book of the Bible

    • How the original Hebrew provides a key to unlocking the original meaning of the Song

    • Why ancient Jews and Christians interpreted the Song as an allegory of God’s love for Israel, his Bride

    • How the Jewish Tabernacle and the Temple provide hidden clues to decipher the message of the Song

    • Why the Song of Songs ends with the Bride still waiting for her Bridegroom to come quickly

    If you’ve ever wondered what to make of the Song of Solomon and weren’t sure how to interpret it, then this study is a perfect introduction to one of the most fascinating books in the Bible. One thing is certain: after listening to this study, you will never see the Song of Songs the same way again.


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Customer Reviews

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fabulous content! the only thing that would have made this perfect is if i'd also received the hand-out that was discussed and used in the talk.

Hi Patrice! You can find the outlines on the product page on our website when you scroll down and click on the 'Excerpt & Outline' tab. There is a link to the outline there.


Great Resource!

As always, Dr. Pitre does an outstanding job of explaining one of the toughest books to understand in the bible. Highly recommended if you're struggling with the Song of Solomon.


As usual Dr Pitre astounds with his presentation. The fact that The Song of Songs was considered to be the HOLY OF HOLIES in scripture unlocked the mystical element of this book

Song of Solomon Explained

Another excellent CD by Dr. Pitre. I had already known that the Song of Songs was a very significant book in the Old Testament--I just didn't understand how deep it was. I can listen to this CD often and still get gold from it each time.