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The Dark Passages of the Old Testament


CP 306

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Customer Reviews

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The Dark Passages from the Old Testament

I just finished a bible study on the Old Testament and this cd was a wonderful supplement to this course.

The Dark Passages of the Old Testament

Without a doubt, the best explanation of the difficult passages of death and destruction in the Old Testament. Dr. Bergsma helped me understand God’s providence, love and mercy in seemingly senseless death. This is particularly true in young and innocent lives that make us cry “Why.”


The Dark Passages of the Old Testament


The Dark Passages of the Old Testament

Bergsma has the right stuff

This is an enlightening little talk. Eye-opening. Well worth it!

  • 57 min. (1 CD / MP3)

    Why is there so much killing in the Old Testament? Why does Moses pronounce such harsh laws? How can a good God send a flood on the earth and command the Israelites to wipe out the inhabitants of Canaan?

    These are some of the hardest questions people ask about the Bible, but they aren’t new. The ancient rabbis and Church Fathers wrestled with them millennia ago. In this powerful talk, Dr. Bergsma marshals all the resources of Christian theology and contemporary scholarship to address:

    • Why do some biblical heroes seem to “get away with” some atrocious actions?
    • Why are certain biblical stories so unedifying?
    • Why do some laws of Moses permit unjust actions, and have harsh penalties?
    • Why did God command Israel to put the Canaanites to death?

    Dr. Bergsma is convinced that only by grappling with the hard questions face-to-face do we come to a deeper understanding of the nature of God and of the reality he created.

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