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The Seven Sacraments in the Gospel of John

• What seven "signs" structure the Gospel of John?
• How does John reference all 7 sacraments in his Gospel?
• What do the "signs" in John's Gospel point forward to?

CP 192

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• What seven "signs" structure the Gospel of John?
• How does John reference all 7 sacraments in his Gospel?
• What do the "signs" in John's Gospel point forward to?

  • 1 hour 56 min. (2 CDs / MP3)

    The Bible is world's largest-selling, most widely-distributed, and most influential book in human history. Within the Bible, the Gospel of John is, without doubt, the most revered and beloved portion of Scripture. That makes the Gospel of John arguably the greatest document ever written in human history.

    But how many realize that the Gospel of John is, in many ways, a document about the Sacraments of the Catholic Church? The Apostle John wishes to show us that the power Jesus displayed in his awesome signs is still available to us in the sacraments of the Church. Dr. Bergsma explains how in this two-hour presentation.

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Customer Reviews

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Leo B
What a stretch!

The CD on the seven sacraments in John was the first real disappointment I have on a CP subject. The illustrations the author gave us to back up a sacrament found in the Gospel of John was surely a stretch and had me scratching my head. The author had to go out of his way to find in the Gospel what I believe to be more to the point and accurate then this CD provided. Since I listen to the CDs on my way to work, I listened to it twice to see if I missed anything that would clear up what I was hearing. Of course, I will continue to listen to CDs by the author. He is usually very good.

Jan Michael Sta. Ana
Gospel of John in a Different Perspective

It is not coincidental that the Gospel of John was dubbed as the "Gospel of Signs" because it was patterned with the 7 Sacraments which according to our faith are signs that point you forward to a greater reality and this was superbly discussed by Dr. Bergsma! I highly recommend this study material!


Again Dr. Bergsma has presented in his own uniquely weird way a very good and useful bit of information. His insights are very interesting and orthodox which is refreshing. His ability to connect the two Testaments is very helpful.

Dino M.
Absolutely fantastic!

Very informative and a powerful lecture.

Kevin Boyd
Grateful Customer

The entire ordering process was simple and easy and I received my merchandise within a couple of days. Much Thanks

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Wives Do What?!
Michael Arnold
Wives do what

Pitre never disappoints. His knowledge is unsurpassed by anyone

Insightful Course.

Good insights that challenged my view of life after death in Catholic teaching.

Dr. Pitre’s Best Book Yet

The content was clear, organized and so well done! You can read it all in one sitting from cover to cover OR in sections! I am so grateful for Dr. Pitre. A must read!

Brant Pitre for the win

I needed background on the development of the canon of Scripture as part of a lecture. Honestly, Brant Pitre is my current theology crush. With so much knowledge to share and a great sense of humor, he wins the day again for me.

Enthusiastically viewed

I bought this to show after Wednesday’s Mass in our parish hall to a group of about 15 seniors. We did one dvd a week, I printed out the sections of the outline for that disc for each attendee. I have a permanent audience now and have purchased several more that have been eagerly received. We are learning so much of the ancient origins of our faith that until this point were mostly in the shadows. Dr Pitri validates our long held beliefs with his biblical background of the role St Jiseph played in the lives of Jesus and Mary.