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The Apostle Paul: Unlocking the Mysteries of His Theology

• Who was St. Paul?  
• What happened at his conversion?
• Dive into the specific topics St. Paul covers in his epistles.

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• Who was St. Paul?  
• What happened at his conversion?
• Dive into the specific topics St. Paul covers in his epistles.

  • 19 hours 53 min. (17 CDs / MP3)

    Who was Saint Paul really? What did he teach? Why is he called “The Apostle” when he wasn’t even a disciple of Jesus?

    In this information-packed audio Bible Study, Dr. Brant Pitre cracks open the mysteries of Saint Paul’s letters and helps you to understand him. Drawing on his graduate-level lectures, Dr. Pitre takes you step-by-step through the central mysteries of Pauline theology, such as:

    The Mystery of His Conversion: Who was Saint Paul? What was his life like before his conversion to Christianity? What really happened on the Road to Damascus?
    The Mystery of the End of Time: What did Paul teach about the Second Coming of Christ, the Resurrection, and the End of Time? And why is the New Creation the key to understanding him?
    The Mystery of the Human Body: What was Saint Paul’s “Theology of the Body”? What did he teach about sexuality? How can we understand his teachings about women in the Church?
    The Mystery of the Law: What did Saint Paul mean when he said that we are justified by “faith” and not by “works of the Law”? Was he really the first “Protestant” theologian? Did Paul teach “faith alone”
    The Mystery of the Angels: Holy angels and fallen angels are a reality. But how much do we really know about them? Dr. Pitre’s lectures on Paul’s teaching about the Angels is perhaps the highlight of this set.
    The Mystery of Redemption: What was Paul’s view of the origin and nature of Sin? Why does sin enslave us? And how does the death of Christ bring us redemption?

    As anyone who has read the Bible knows, the writings of Saint Paul are some of the most amazing—and the most difficult—in all the New Testament. Even Saint Peter himself said that there are some things in Paul’s letters that are “hard to understand”! (2 Pet 3:16). In this Bible Study, Dr. Pitre will give you the keys to understanding the heart of the greatest evangelist and theologian in Church history: the apostle Paul.


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Customer Reviews

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Matt S
Good job

I have not finished it yet. Only about 25% done for so far it is really good. But all of Dr. Pitre's stuff is good.


This is a very good course and worth getting. The only downside and this applies to all of Pitre´s lectures is the excessive amount of student questions, comments and interruptions. This can be great for the students in the classroom but is not so great for an mp3. I have a lot of his lectures because I always learn many interesting things from him but in this course in particular there was a huge amount of student interruptions.

Apostle Paul

This series is amazing and provides a penetrating look into paul's often impenetrable theology

Greg R
Paul’s Approach to Salvation History Unmasked

Dr. Pitre shines a clear light on Paul’s approach to salvation history, unmasking those famously difficult parts of his epistles. This is the most eye-opening, straightforward commentary I have ever heard. His exposition on Paul’s understanding of the new creation vs the old creation framework was game changing in, once again, making all of scripture come together like a puzzle, to enable us to better love God because we can know him better. Dr. Pitre’s scholarly attack of the pseudo-intellectual secularist nonsense running wild has once again given Catholics the confidence to preach the true gospel boldly!

gary holland

The Apostle Paul: Unlocking the Mysteries of His Theology