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Introduction to the Spiritual Life: Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus (Signed by Dr. Pitre)

• What are the Jewish roots of the Lord's Prayer? 
• Where is the "dark night of the soul" in the Bible?
• Prayer, fasting and almsgiving in the Bible.

CP 318

• What are the Jewish roots of the Lord's Prayer? 
• Where is the "dark night of the soul" in the Bible?
• Prayer, fasting and almsgiving in the Bible.

  • The path of following Jesus is an ancient and storied spiritual tradition. Yet many believers are not familiar with the three major forms of prayer and the three stages of spiritual growth that exist to bring them closer to God.

    In his most personal book yet, Dr. Brant Pitre draws on the riches of the Bible, the words of Jesus, and the writings of mystics across the centuries to shed light on the mystery—and wonder—of the spiritual life. Starting with the age-old belief that the path of prayer is not only informative but transformative, Dr. Pitre explores:

    • the scriptural roots of vocal, meditative, and contemplative prayer
    • the purgative, illuminative, and unitive stages of spiritual growth
    • the spiritual exercises of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving
    • the Jewish roots of the Lord’s Prayer
    • Lectio Divina: how to pray with the Bible
    • seven vices and their seven opposing virtues
    • the battle of prayer: how to deal with difficulty and distractions
    • the “dark night of the soul” in the Scriptures

    Full of sacred truths, contemplative insights, and practical steps, Introduction to the Spiritual Life is a veritable biblical road map of the spiritual landscape that enables us to follow Jesus as our primary guide.

    Hardcover: 336 pages
    Publisher: Image (November 2, 2021)

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Customer Reviews

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Introduction to the Spiritual Life

Simply Sensational!! A very readable and informative book, it was hard to put it down! I'm a huge fan of Dr. Pitre's work and this is no exception. Some chapters were life-changing for me personally so I simply cannot recommend this enough, to those who wish to grow in their own spiritual life! Richly rewwarding!

Karen Bliss
Introduction to the Spiritual Life: Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus

I have not finished reading the book yet - but I cannot think of a lecture, and/or book that Dr. Pitre has done that I have liked and learned from. I would love to have a book of his only on the Gospel of John.

James Conner
Spiritual Path

Dr. Pitre never fails to provide an incredible amount of knowledge in a very readable format. It is difficult to say whether he's a better writer or lecturer because his excellent at both.

Paul Corley
Best Service

Great service and mailed out so quickly. Exactly as promised.

Jan Lambert

What I have read so far of Dr Pitre’s book it’s excellent, just like all his other books I have purchased! I love the way he writes as if he is standing right in front of me! He makes his books easier to read and doesn’t try to talk over your head! I have learned & understood so much of my Catholic faith because of his books, CD’s and DVD’s! Thank you Dr Pitre

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Dr Pitre is amazing. The way he teaches makes it so easy to understand. He gives me answers to questions I never thought to ask. Without hesitation I will be buying more Bible studies that he has done.


This is a great talk on what Catholics believe about Mary. The book, Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary is more detailed. I highly recommend both. As usual, Dr. Pitre does a great job!

The Jewish Roots of Holy Week

I liked “The Jewish Roots of Holy Week :The Seven Last Days of Jesus” very much and appreciate that you divided it into chapters so that I can use it during Lent next year. Your prices are so reasonable too! Thank you!

Absolutely Fabulous

Excellent lecture with terrific information. Always enjoy Dr Bergsma's teaching and style.

Great and fantastic studies!

CP offerings are about as fine as any could be. The material is relevant, cogent, convicting and always brings joy. The CP staff is OUTSTANDING. They know their offerings, listen to your questions/needs/requirements and ensure Customer Service that is Customer Centric. It is a pleasure to have such wonderful studies from a very fine company. God bless you and thank you for what you do.