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A Great Cloud of Witnesses: An Introduction to the Letter to the Hebrews

CP 267

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Customer Reviews

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Arash Noori
Fantastic Study!

This was my first study with Dr. Steven Smith and I LOVED IT. I have many studies with Dr. Pitre and Bergsma and initially was hesitant to try a new teacher/lecturer. But this study is FANTASTIC. Detailed, packed with info and and very helpful. Dr. Steven Smith is awesome!

Janet Winhofer

I still haven't received my order. It seems stuck in Louisiana.

Hello! I am very sorry for the lengthy deliver time. It does show that it was eventually delivered Mary 10th to your front door/porch. If this is incorrect please let me know:


Jane Dulay
The least read.

It is new knowledge for me. I was never interested to read this chapter in the Bible. But I am glad to purchase this Bible study.

Rolando Milian

I received my book promptly. Excellent service.

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

After listening to this presentation, I was very excited to read the Book of Hebrews for myself and take in the information and lessons that I've learned from Dr. Smith. The outline is greatly appreciated, as it helps me to remember the material. I can make my own notes on the outline, and I also mark the disc number and track number for quick reference. Very good introduction to Hebrews.

  • 1 hour 54 min. (2 CD / MP3)

    What would Jewish priests in the first century have thought of Jesus and his priestly ministry? In a word—not much; at least, until they encountered the inspired Letter to the Hebrews. The priestly audience of this NT epistle, though small in number, would have had an enormous influence upon in the spread of the Gospel, given their influence in Judaism, and in the life of the Jerusalem Temple. Hebrews was likely written to just such a group of skeptical Jewish priests—to persuade them to leave the old Temple, “made with hands,” and to embrace the new Temple, and eternal priesthood of Jesus Christ.

    Far from being a study locked in antiquity, this engaging series will open up new vistas of spirituality and worship for today’s Catholic believer. Open your Bible to Hebrews and join Dr. Steven Smith on the winding road that leads to “So Great a Cloud of Witnesses.”

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