Text Explanation of How to Access the Videos

(1) Subscribe here if you have not already. It is best to establish an account prior to subscribing, as you will need an account login to access the videos.

(2) If you already subscribed but did not first establish an account, you should have received an email to "activate" your account after subscribing. If you did not receive this account activation email, simply email us here to have that email re-sent.  

(3) After subscribing and having an activated account, login to your account. After you are logged in, it should say "My Account" at the of the web page (if you are not logged in it will say, "Log In").

(4) Once logged in, go to the main menu: Mass Readings Explained > Watch Videos > [Select Subscribed Year]

(5) Select the week's video you would like to watch. The latest video will always populate first in the list.

Video Explanation of How to Access the Videos

If you have any questions or need any further assistance, kindly contact us here.