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A Guided Tour of the Mass


CP 249

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Customer Reviews

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Tour of the Mass


Very insightful and engaging!

It brought more meaning and life to the Mass, even for me as a priest.

5 star

I really enjoyed this CD and learned lot about the mass even though I am life long Catholic. Sometimes my mind wanders when listening to CD's, but this one really keeps your attention.


Fantastic resource. As a craddle Catholic, I could not believe there was so much I did not really understand about the Mass. After listening to this talk, you will have a new appreciation of the Mass. I now understand why the Mass is the ultimate form of worship. Glory to the Living God. And thank you, Dr. Pitre, for putting this together.

Evangelization To A Protestant Minister

I gave it to a popular Protestant minister in our town in hopes of dispelling any misperceptions he might have of the Catholic Mass.

  • 3 hours 17 min. (3 CDs / MP3)

    There is perhaps no aspect of Catholicism more familiar to Catholics than the Mass. Week after week, we celebrate the eucharist, repeating the same prayers and rituals. But do we really know what all of these words and deeds mean? In this series, Dr. Michael Barber offers an overview of the Mass, explaining the significance of each element. For example:

    • What does “Hosanna” mean?
    • Why do we call the eucharistic celebration, the “Mass”?
    • Why does the congregation respond to the priest’s greeting, “And with your Spirit”?
    • What does “liturgy” mean? Why does the Bible call Jesus a “liturgist”?
    • Why is the collection an integral part of the Church’s prayer?

    Just “going through the motions” can be monotonous. In fact, the Second Vatican Council called Catholics to enter into a “fully conscious and active participation” in the liturgy. Without understanding the various parts of the Mass, it is practically impossible to do that. This series, however, aims to help you experience the Church’s celebration in just such a way.

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