Are Priests "Biblical"? A Study of Priesthood in the Old and New Testaments


• Did Jesus establish a Priesthood of the New Covenant?
• What did priesthood in the Old Testament look like?
• What kind of priest is Jesus?

CP 178

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  • 2 hours 56 min. (3 CDs / MP3)

    To many American Christians, the priesthood and the Sacrament of Holy Orders is just another of the many "unbiblical" aspects of Roman Catholicism. The Catholic Church, the argument goes, has corrupted the true equality of Christians, who ought to share the "Priesthood of All Believers."

    How should Catholics respond? In this series of talks, Dr. Bergsma traces the theme of priesthood from Genesis to the Gospels, explaining along the way the biblical roles of the priest, the difference between the common and ministerial priesthoods, and the proper understanding of the phrase, "Priesthood of All Believers."

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