Mountains and Mediators: A Survey of the Old Testament


• Can the Old Testament actually be enjoyable to read?!
• What is the meaning of the covenants in the OT?
• How does the OT point forward to Jesus Christ?

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  • 22 hours 30 min. (21 CDs / MP3)

    The Fathers of the Church have called Scripture "love letters from God," but for many Catholics, that description doesn't fit the Old Testament. What is the meaning of all these tedious laws, ancient stories, and accounts of battles? How can it be God's Word for us today?

    In this series of talks, Dr. Bergsma argues that the Old Testament presents a compelling message of one creator God who is constantly working to draw humanity into his love. This bond of love is called "covenant." As Dr. Bergsma works systematically through the most important books of the Old Testament, anticipation mounts as it becomes clearer and clearer that the Old Testament looks beyond itself to the coming of One who will offer to humanity a new and everlasting covenant.

    This series of talks will be helpful to religion teachers, catechists, Bible study leaders, parents, and any Catholics who wish to understand the Bible better and share their Faith. Also available is the New Testament volume, building off of this Old Testament course.

    Dr. John Bergsma, former Protestant minister, holds a doctorate in Scripture from the University of Notre Dame, and serves as Associate Professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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