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The Hidden King: The Jewish Roots of St. Joseph

• What is the evidence for Joseph's abstinence and chastity?
• What did it mean for Joseph to raise Jesus?
• How can devotion to Joseph aid your spiritual life?

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• What is the evidence for Joseph's abstinence and chastity?
• What did it mean for Joseph to raise Jesus?
• How can devotion to Joseph aid your spiritual life?

  • 3 hours 42 min. (3 CDs / 3 DVDs / MP3 / MP4)
    [DVD1: 1 hour 11 min, DVD2: 1 hour 6 min, DVD3: 1 hour 28 min (last 30 min is Q&A)]

    What is your image of St. Joseph? A poor, humble carpenter, or the hidden King of the Jews? An elderly widower, or a man in his prime, the chaste spouse of Mary? The mere legal guardian of the child Jesus, or the earthly shadow of the heavenly Father?

    In this series, Dr. Brant Pitre takes the popular figure of Saint Joseph and open up the mysteries of his hidden identity, his relationship with Mary, and his role as the earthly foster-father of Jesus. In it, you will learn about:

    • How Joseph was the Hidden King of the Jews
    • Why Joseph was a threat to the Fake King Herod
    • Why Herod Murdered his own Wife, three Sons, and the Infants in Bethlehem
    • Why Joseph Accepted of Mary’s Jewish Vow of Virginity
    • How Joseph Hid the Virgin Birth from Satan
    • Joseph’s Relation to the “Brothers” of Jesus
    • Apocryphal Legend of the Elderly Joseph
    • The Biblical Age of Saint Joseph
    • The Persecution of Joseph’s Family
    • How Joseph is the earthly Shadow of Jesus’ heavenly Father

    Many books on Saint Joseph focus on apocryphal legends and private revelations. In this Bible Study, Dr. Pitre focuses on what we can learn about Saint Joseph from the Bible, ancient Jewish and Roman history, and the living Tradition of the Church. As you will discover, although Joseph is silent in pages of the New Testament, when looked at through ancient Jewish eyes, he stands with Jesus and Mary at the very center of salvation history.

    So, if you already have a devotion to Joseph, or if you would like to deepen your relationship with him, or if you just want to understand what the Bible really teaches about the man who was closest to Jesus, then this Bible Study is for you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Sheila Barrett
Thank you for St. Joseph's Jewish Roots!

Excellent and long overdue coverage of OT/NT explaining glorious St. Joseph' fuller Calling. WOW! This is the age of St. Joseph even if the world doesn't get it ...yet!
Tapes were very informative and enjoyable. Delivery at profound portions was too soft when whispering was used to convey sacredness; the mic could not pic up the message for me. The 3rd CD in particular. This often happens. Preachers use whispers to get across the main point of the message. (I probably do it too!) I hope all seminarians learn from Dr. Pitre to give listeners the Old Testament reasons for New Testament persons and events. THANK YOU, Dr. Pitre and Staff for ROOT focus of our Faith.

Joseph The Hidden King

I loved this video - so much information and really increased my devotion to St. Joseph to another level. Dr. Pitre is one of my favourite teachers of my faith and this was superb! Thank you

Lisa Wilkins
On: The Hidden King

This was absolutely fabulous! Such good, important information for really understanding the whole of the Holy Family! Brant Pitre is an amazing teacher. I have loved every study I've done. Thank you!!

Laura Hill
Is my birthday bundle

Since times are very much harder than they used to be financially, I do thank God that you give a birthday discount as I am able to fill my library further. Doctor Pitrie's teachings are so simple and full and I love them so much.

Sinab Kurşun

The Hidden King: The Jewish Roots of St. Joseph