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The Nativity of the Lord, Year C

The Mystery of Christmas 


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With the Feast of Christmas, we come at last to the end of the Advent season and the beginning of the Christmas Season. Obviously this is one of the greatest liturgical feasts of the year—it’s called the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord—and one of the difficult things that I faced in making a video for this particular feast day is, as you well know, that there are multiple Masses for the Feast of Christmas. And in this case, we not only have the Vigil Mass, we have Midnight Mass, we have the Mass at dawn, and then we the Mass during the day for Christmas and they all have different readings. So for the sake of space and in order to make this helpful to anyone who is watching these videos—whether you choose to go Vigil Mass or whether you choose to go to Midnight Mass or Mass during the day — I’ve picked the three most popular ones—those three I just mentioned: Vigil Mass, Midnight Mass, and daytime Mass—and I’m just going to hit a couple of points about the Gospel reading and the Old Testament. So I’m not going to be focused on all the readings, we just don’t have the time and space to go through every single one. But I will try to go through each one of the Masses so that if you are attending any one of them you can have something from the readings to bring with you into Mass to help you experience that beautiful and joyful experience of celebrating the Feast of Christmas in drawing from the word of God...

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