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Faith and Works according to Paul and James

• Is Original Sin something St. Paul focuses on?
• How do grace, faith, and works relate to one another?
• Do Paul & James teach the same doctrine of justification?

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• Is Original Sin something St. Paul focuses on?
• How do grace, faith, and works relate to one another?
• Do Paul & James teach the same doctrine of justification?

  • 45 min (1 CD / MP3)

    For almost five hundred years, Catholics and Protestants have been debating the relationship between faith and works. On the one hand, many Protestants will claim that we are saved by “faith alone” and that Catholicism teaches a false “works-righteousness.” In support of this, they turn to the teaching of Paul: We are “saved” but “not because of works” (Ephesians 2:9). On the other hand, many Catholics will point out that the only time the New Testament says “faith alone” is when the letter of James teaches that we are “justified by works and not by faith alone” (James 2:24). What are we to make of these passages in the New Testament? How are we saved? And do the teachings of St. Paul and St. James contradict one another?

    In this important presentation, Dr. Pitre unpacks the Catholic Church’s true teaching on justification—which is nothing other than the New Testament’s teaching on justification. In this presentation, you will learn about:

    • The importance of Original Sin for St. Paul’s teaching about Works
    • The relationship between Grace, Faith, and Works in our Salvation
    • The Church’s Real Teaching: “No One Can Merit the Initial Grace of Salvation”
    • St. Paul’s teaching on the role of Good Works after Initial Justification
    • How St. Paul and St. James are teaching the same truth
    • Where Catholics and Protestants agree on the primacy of Grace

    If you’ve ever wanted to understand the biblical doctrine of salvation in a way that includes both St. Paul and St. James, or if you’ve ever worried that Catholicism was really a religion of ‘works-righteousness’, then this clear and insightful study of a crucial topic is for you.

    *** While there is some overlap between this set and What Must I Do To Be Saved?, this set spends more time focusing on Ephesians 2 and James 2, and would be ideal for someone looking to focus on the topic of salvation as found in these two books of the Bible.***


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Customer Reviews

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The Grace of Salvation

Learning what St. Paul & St. James really tells us about the connection between Faith, Grace, and works that leads us to salvation helped me better understand the Churches teaching on the subject. I am glad I bought this CD.


Faith and Works according to Paul and James

Faith and works is awesome!

I enjoyed this audio, it was very informative especially since many of my loves one believe in faith alone this helped me develop better arguments to explain why it is not faith nor works alone that is needed for salvation.

Faith and Works according to Paul and James

Dr. Brant Pitre shows objectively - using the Old and New Testaments and referring to the Catechism of the Catholic Church - how faith and works complement each other within the Catholic beliefs. You will not be disappointed with any of Dr. Pitre's presentations - they are interesting, in-depth, accurate, and presented in his soft-spoken way. An easy listen, as you grow closer to the Lord. (I also appreciate that he usually uses the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, which is approved by both Catholics, and Protestants, so we can all be on "the same page".) And a thank you to Catholic Productions for their great service.

Clear and concise

Dr Pitre succinctly explains how to correctly interpret the apparently contradictory Bible verses about work and faith. He provides the context from the Bible and clearly shows the basis for Catholic teachings.

★★★★★ Reviews

Letting Customers Speak for Us

4411 reviews
Loved it

I learn so much from Dr Pitre in general. I own a few of his books & have listened to his talks on YouTube & I appreciate the way he teaches. I decided to purchase this study (in addition to another one for Advent, with Mary)seeing as we're approaching Advent 2021 & I'm so glad I did. It didn't disappoint. I'm back on here purchasing 4 more! I appreciate his style & method of explaining things.

Nothing Dead here. Interesting and insightful here.

I thought the CD was great. It offered me much to think about and ponder about our Lord while he was on this earth.

Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Advent

Brilliant, challenging, comprehensive, uplifting!

Case for Jesus

This was the first book I bought and read of Dr. Pitre’s. I found it really accessible. It was easy to follow and well written. This introduction to Dr. Pitre and his skill at communicating his knowledge in a way that is easy to follow has led me to continue to study with more of his works.

Jesus and the End Times

With all the events happening in the world today, I enjoyed and received peace of mind hearing the Catholic view of the end times.