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The Woman at the Well and the Love of Christ

• Who are the Samaritans?
• What's the significance of the woman's 5 husbands?
• What is the "living water" Jesus offers the woman?

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• Who are the Samaritans?
• What's the significance of the woman's 5 husbands?
• What is the "living water" Jesus offers the woman?

  • 1 hour 14 min. (1 CD / 1 DVD / MP3 / Digital Video)

    Have you ever felt like there’s no way God could ever love you? Maybe you know people with a very troubled past and a broken life who just can’t believe that Jesus loves them.

    In this Bible study, Dr. Brant Pitre goes straight to the heart of the love of Christ by focusing on the powerful story of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at the Well. As he shows, when we read this well-known story through ancient Jewish eyes, all of a sudden we realize that this is not just a story of Jesus’ mercy and forgiveness, but a powerful symbol of God’s love for sinners. In this Bible study you will learn:

    • How Women, Wells, and Weddings go together in the Old Testament
    • The history behind “Jacob’s Well” and why it is so significant that Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at this spot
    • The deeper spiritual meaning of the Samaritan Woman’s 5 Husbands
    • How the “Living Water” promised by Jesus is his true wedding gift to his bride, the Church
    • How God loves us just the way we are, but too much to let us stay that way
    • And lots more

    Drawing from his book, Jesus the Bridegroom, Dr. Pitre shows how the story of Jesus and the Woman at the Well is good news that every sinner needs to hear.


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Customer Reviews

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Jared Arnulf Asher Baleyos
Eye opening

I was astonished that scenario between Jesus and the Samaritan woman because I never thought that God could be so merciful even though we commit many sins in our life I've realize that all we have to do is repent for our sins and we will be restored. It's shows that the understanding of the church about God is explicitly based on scriptures that proves that the Catholic Church is the fullness of the faith. Lastly the way that Dr. Brant Pitre explained the topic was easy to understand especially when he insert some joke to lighten up the mood.

Jane Dulay
New Information.

I love it. New meaning to it. God loves even the sinners. Amen. Hallelujah.

Patty Barrows


Gary Keene
This message is the best single presentation of the Christian Faith I have ever heard.

Let me first explain that I am a Protestant who has been listening to sermons preached in churches for over forty years. I first found out about Dr. Pitre from recommending his book the Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist. I found this book amazing in the details that Dr. Pitre explains in a very clear and yet profound way. I started purchasing some of his lectures on CD so that I could listen to them in my car while I drive to work. This by far my favorite, and I have purchased about 100 copies on CD of this lecture to give as gifts to my Protestant friends including several ministers I know. Everyone who takes the time to listen to this has told me that they were blessed in what they heard. One woman I know from church said that she cried because of how beautiful this presentation is. Even though I disagree with Catholic dogma on a couple of issues such as the eucharist being the literal flesh and blood of Christ, I think this message coupled with another single by Dr. Pitre called The Fourth Cup explains the Gospel by explaining the historical and Jewish back ground in way I have never heard. I can not recommend these two messages more highly.

Mike Marx

As always the presentations expand my knowledge of the Bible

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The Nature of Man, the Nature of the Fall

This program provides great insight into the nature of Man and the nature of the Fall. All is well, the New Adam has conquered.

The Best Study Hands Down!!!

If you want facts, this book is for you. However, to love God is to know God, and this book will deepen your relationship with Jesus regardless of what stage you're in. Just watch what the Truth does to your heart. Dr. Pitre has become my absolute favorite to read and listen to for studying scripture. I’m amazed every time and can’t get enough! I will be reading The Case for Jesus a second time to take notes for better cognition. I can’t recommend this book enough, you will Not be disappointed.

O Come Let Us Adore Him
Michaela Scott

I love all the DVD’s and CD’s I have bought,
Adoration is so important and the explanation is great

The Hidden King: The Jewish Roots of St. Joseph

Great presentationn. Thank you!

Life After Death: A Bible Study on the 7 Last Things