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John: Signs and Sacraments

• Who wrote the Gospel of John?
• How sacramental is the Gospel of John?
• How does John present the life of Christ in his Gospel?

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• Who wrote the Gospel of John?
• How sacramental is the Gospel of John?
• How does John present the life of Christ in his Gospel?

  • 17 hours 34 min. (17 CDs / MP3)

    The Gospel of John is arguably the greatest piece of human literature ever written, at any time, in any language.

    The Bible is the world’s constant best-seller. The Gospels are the heart of the Bible. John is the masterpiece of the Gospels. The Church Fathers likened Mark to a lion, Matthew to a man, Luke to an ox, but John was the eagle that soared above the rest.

    Unfortunately, the Gospel of John is also one of the world’s most misunderstood books, because many of its readers often have not been introduced to the mysteries the book describes. In this series of chapter by chapter, verse by verse lectures, Dr. Bergsma shows that John reveals its mysteries when read in light of the Church’s sacraments. John the Apostle wants us to know that the power revealed in Jesus’ mighty signs is still available for us in the Church’s sacraments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Fantastic study of the Gospel according to Saint John

Dr. Bergsma is an Old Testament scholar. This gives him some unique perspectives on the Gospel of John, and he makes it shine. It's not only a biblically rich study, but a beautiful and faithful one. I can't recommend it enough!

Lisa Bachiller
Oh Johnny Be Good!

There’s never a dull moment learning from Dr. John Bergsma about the Gospel of John. Like music to my ears, oh, (this CD set) Johnny Be Good!

Fr. Dale Picarella
Signs and wonders

Excellent teaching in John’s gospel to show forth the sacramental work of the Lord.

Fred A
Thank You!

Dr. Bergsma is one of my most favorite biblical scholars. It is truly an honor to learn from him on the Gospel of John.

James Newland

This is not necessarily a criticism, but with a website name like Catholic Productions, one might be expecting in this product a lavishly produced presentation such as one might get from a movie or recording studio. One might even have the impression that this was a series planned from the outset for public release, with professional sound people and equipment employed in order to provide the best audio experience possible.

Well, this is not that. What it is is a series of class lectures given by Dr. Bergsma in (I presume) a classroom and recorded (apparently) from a single mic, which results in all of the quality and volume fluctuations one might expect from such a setup. It's not that it is at all unlistenable, it's just that it's not the effortlessly listenable experience one might otherwise think they were getting.

Ok, that's the bad, such as it is. The good is that Dr. Bergsma has many valuable things to say, particularly if you're not already familiar with the subject matter. If you're new to the study of John's Gospel (the lectures seem to be from an introductory-level class, more or less), it may well come as a goldmine of valuable insight and information. For others, who have already done some grappling with John, and with Scripture in general, it may not offer the same overall wealth of new information, but there is still much on offer here that one might benefit from.

I will say that while Dr. Bergsma is, in one way, not the most animated and exciting speaker in the world to listen to, there's a certain charm and endearing quality about him and his bad jokes that keeps one's mind from wandering completely away. And of course the subject matter here is the real star, which he does due justice to, and that's the most important thing. It is always profitable to read, listen to, and reflect upon, Holy Scripture.

(Disclaimer: I am only about halfway through the series right now, so that's what these remarks reflect. However, I am well satisfied with my purchase and don't expect my opinion to change. Thank you.)

★★★★★ Reviews

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Loved every second of listening to all my CDs. Thank you!

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