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New Testament Basics for Catholics (Signed by Dr. Bergsma)

• What did Jesus mean by the coming of "the kingdom"?
• How did the kingdom grow in the Book of Acts?
• How does St. Paul teach us to live out the Kingdom?

CP 256

• What did Jesus mean by the coming of "the kingdom"?
• How did the kingdom grow in the Book of Acts?
• How does St. Paul teach us to live out the Kingdom?

  • Award-winning author and theology professor John Bergsma follows up his popular Bible Basics for Catholics—which has sold more than 60,000 copies—with a more in-depth look at the New Testament. Using simple illustrations and the same clear, conversational style that characterized his earlier book, Bergsma introduces four of the most important writers in the New Testament: Matthew, Luke, Paul, and John.

    With humor and simple illustrations, theology professor John Bergsma focuses on Matthew, Luke, Paul, and John, whose writings comprise about 90 percent of the New Testament. The gospel of Matthew, written for Jewish Christians, illuminates the life and teachings of Christ as the long-promised Messiah. In Luke's gospel, readers will delve into the infancy and Triduum narratives, as well as the Acts of the Apostles and the life of the early Church. This leads the reader to discover St. Paul and his first and arguably greatest theological treatise: Romans. Finally, “the beloved apostle” St. John draws us in to the unsurpassed beauty of the fourth gospel, as well as the most mysterious book of the New Testament: the book of Revelation. A concluding chapter offers suggestions for further study.

    Intended as an introductory work for those who are new to scripture study, New Testament Basics for Catholics does not aspire to be a comprehensive guide to all twenty-seven books of the New Testament, but is intended to lay the foundation for a lifetime of scripture reading. A great compliment to this fantastic book is Dr. Bergsma's New Testament Course Mountains and Mediators: A Survey of the New Testament.

    320 pages

    Publisher: Ave Maria Press (October 2, 2015)


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Customer Reviews

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Judith Watson
Great service, great books!

Dr. Bergsma is a favorite teacher of ours and we love these very understandable books. We also appreciated the fast service that Catholic Productions provides. 5 stars for both!

Michael Zola
I am burning through these books!

I had a nice three day weekend. Upon making this review I've finished the psalms, bible basics (previously purchased from my churches book corner), and now started Johns book of Love. I think these are perfect for us who've only just begun our bible/catholic journey. Highly recommend this whole series. It gives you a jumpstart into a deeper understanding of christian theology, thanks to Johns hard work. Give them all a try! God bless.

The word of the lord

Excellent tool

Stephanie Whittelsey
Growing in my faith!

Your information is always so helpful to grow in the Catholic faith

Emily Ann
Excellent book!

I thought the ‘prequel’ to this book (Bible Basics for Catholics) was so good I use it to teach the Bible to my 6th grade classes at our Catholic School. Now I’m using New Testament Basics to teach the Gospels to my 7th graders. The’Bible Basics’ books are like great commentaries on the Bible, yet they are readable by even pre-teens!