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The Sacraments of Service: WOG 2009

CP 149

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  • 9 hours 50 min. (10 CDs / 10 DVDs / MP3)

    Dr. Brant Pitre
    (1) Jesus and the Sacraments of Service (1 hr 7 min)
    (2) Jesus and the Celibate Priesthood (1 hour 5 min)
    (3) Wives Do What?! Understanding St. Paul's Message for the Christian Family (1 hour 12 min)

    Dr. John Bergsma
    (4) Why not Adam and Steve, or Adam, Eve and Sally? Defining Marriage in the Bible" (49 min)
    (5) The Crucifixion: A Marital Act, A Priestly Act (1 hr 4 min)

    Dr. Peter Kreeft
    (6) Only Boys can be the Daddies: The Biblical Basis of the All-Male Priesthood (46 min)
    (7) The Big Picture Behind Contraception (58 min)

    Professor Michael Barber
    (8) Why Husbands are Priests: Marriage and Sacrificial Love (1 hr 24 min)
    (9) The Bible and the Papacy: Why the Pope is the 'Holy Father' (57 min)

    (10) Q&A Session (Pitre, Bergsma, Barber - 50 min)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fr. David Hust
Truly Great Catholic Products

I am happy with all the products at Catholic Productions. Great content for laity and clerics alike. I wish I had more time to intellectually-digest them all. Still, when there is a big sale, I buy as much as I possibly can. (I'll be honest, I haven't gotten to the WOD Conference 2009 yet, but looking at the speakers, I'm sure it's great.)

I'll add, while arguably anything would be good for the on-going formation of priests, the Sunday Mass Readings Explained subscription is especially good. Perhaps offer your pastor/priest a gift card as the content here is very digestible and can aid them with preaching, as well as be a tool to enrich their prayers life ... which truly helps everyone in the end.

Brilliant explanation of the how and why of Church teaching on often controversial and misunderst...

The headline of my review says it all. You will not be disappointed in this. From a brilliant breakdown of the theology and philosophy behind the male only priesthood, to a discussion on contraception, to a fascinating presentation on what exactly St. Paul meant by the "wives submit to your husbands" comment; every part of this set is worth your time and deserves to be listened to more than once.