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Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic (Signed by Dr. Bergsma)

• What led Dr. John Bergsma to become Catholic?
• What role did Scripture play in his conversion?
• How did he explain his conversion to his family?

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• What led Dr. John Bergsma to become Catholic?
• What role did Scripture play in his conversion?
• How did he explain his conversion to his family?

  • The Pope, devotion to Mary, confession … just where are these topics in the Bible? Why does the Catholic Church seem to focus on so many things that aren’t Scriptural?

    Or so thought former Protestant pastor John Bergsma.

    Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic is an engaging examination of the things Dr. Bergsma once considered obstacles to ever becoming Catholic himself. Over an eighteen-month spiritual journey, Bergsma was stunned again and again by the biblical support he found for even the stickiest teachings of the Catholic Church.

    Weaving his personal story into clear explanations of Catholic teachings as found in Scripture, Dr. Bergsma explores seven key Catholic doctrines, including:

    • The Pope
    • Devotion to Mary
    • Confession
    • The Eucharist
    • The priesthood
    • Belief in the Bible alone
    • Salvation by faith alone theologies

    Stunned by Scripture will help Catholics understand, defend, and explain the biblical basis for the Faith and show them how the Bible solidly supports even the most frequently misunderstood Catholic teachings.

    Paperback: 144 pages
    Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor (February 6, 2018)

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Stunned by Scripture

Excited to begin learning!

Excellent Book!!

Dr John Bergsma, writes with such clarity! This tells the story of his thought processes and experiences which lead him to the Catholic Church! He uses simple, easy to understand language to convey such deep truths from the Scriptures. I would recommend this book to any Christian and Catholic, as it articulates the differences interpreting the Scriptures between Protestants and Catholics! Highly recommended!!

A simple story of truth that helps others see rather than deny the Catholic faith.

Dr. Bergsma story is similar to the journey I started twenty years ago into the Catholic Church, which at the time, I didn’t even know I was on a journey, especially not one to the Catholic Church. I thought I would just be able to help those I knew to see the truth of what the Bible actually said by knowing more of what was written by the Early Fathers. After looking back, a Dr. Bergsma’s book would’ve gone a long way in helping me bring a few others to Mass with me. A brilliant format that is not intimidating, over-reaching or in any way tries to discredit the faith I left, especially the people I worshiped with or at least those of us who didn’t even know the difference between liturgical worship and what we called worship. Dr. Bergsma, you are one of the four horsemen in my household, Dr. Pitre, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Cavadini and yourself. Dr. Bergsma thank you for giving me a tool that I have been able to share with my old Northern Dutch Reformists that I used to fellowship with, in telling the truth of the Catholic Church, a simple truth that helps them see rather than deny.


Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic

Stunned by Scripture: How the Bible Made Me Catholic

Dr. Bergsma's book is a very interesting book which I am only partly done with, but it is written in a conversational style that addresses the major criticisms that Protestants level against Catholicism - the pope, veneration of Mary and the saints, etc. It's all the more interesting because Dr. Bergsma knows the Protestant criticisms very well being a former minister so his deep understanding of the differences between Protestant conceptions of these topics and Catholic practice and custom as well as the Biblical source that provides foundation for our belief and practices regarding these topics make it a very interesting and enlightening read.
It is a compliment to Dr. Bergsma's ability that he has made the material straightforward for a reader to understand. Highly recommended.

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