Mass Readings Explained Year A Subscription (Nov 2016 - Nov 2017)

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  • I. Here is an excerpt from one of the videos previously released:

    We highly recommend you being logged in or creating an account when checking out with your subscription.  This will automatically associate your subscription with your email address, which you'll use to login to your account and access each week's release.

     While you can achieve the best rate with an annual subscription, we have established a quarterly rate for those who may not be able to subscribe all at once for the entire year.  Please be sure to note the following quarterly dates before subscribing to a particular quarter: 

    Quarter 1: Nov. 27, 2016 – Feb. 19, 2017 (13 Sundays)

    Quarter 2: Feb. 26, 2017 – May 21, 2017 (13 Sundays)

    Quarter 3: May 28, 2017 – Aug. 20, 2017 (13 Sundays)

    Quarter 4: Aug. 27, 2017 – Nov. 26, 2017 (14 Sundays)

    The Mass Readings Explained is a subscription that has been proven to help people better prepare for Mass, as well as to help priests and deacons prepare homilies.  The following are provided with your one year subscription (by subscribing you are given *access* to all of the content for Year A up until Year A is concluded in November 2017 -- please see the note below on terms and conditions):

    1. 52 Week Video Bible Study with Dr. Pitre focusing on the Gospel of Matthew and next year's Sunday Mass Readings (Year A): In-depth Bible study on the Gospel readings, connecting them with the Old Testament background and Psalms.

    2. Written Transcript of Dr. Pitre’s Bible Study: For those who prefer to read (rather than view/listen only), a written transcript of the entire Bible study will be provided for reading and reflection.

    3. Weekly 1 Page Study Guide with Questions for Reflection/Discussion: Ideal for prayer groups and group/parish Bible study, as well as personal reflection.

    4. Guaranteed Monday Morning Postings: Videos will be available on monday mornings for group study, homily preparation, or personal preparation for Sunday Mass.

    5. Bonus Videos: Introduction to the Gospel of Matthew: Who wrote the Gospel of Matthew? When was it written? Why was it written? Etc.

    6. A Great Resource for Priests, Deacons, Teachers, Bible Study Leaders, and Personal Growth.

    7. A Great Gift for your parish priests or deacons, family members, and friends.  In order to give this as a gift, purchase one or multiple subscriptions and email with the (a) first and last name & (b) email address of the subscription recipient.

    *Please note that this is a subscription model (i.e., access to content is given, similar to most subscription models) and not an ownership model. For more information regarding this, kindly visit our Terms and Conditions page for further details.


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